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CLUBS 130 



ADS 176 


Brevard College 

Brevard, North Carolina 

Volume 52 



Brevard College, situated in 
the heart of the Blue Ridge 
Mountains, is an institution con- 
tinually in search of excellence. 
The search is kinetic on campus; 
it includes all realms of campus 
activities — from academics, to 
athletics, to the fine arts; but 
most importantly, these activities 
all include the quest for individ- 
ual excellence. Brevard College 
exists to assist students in recog- 
nizing the beauty and excellence 
within themselves as well as 
within their environment. 

2 Opening 

I. D'linda Patterson has discovered that the library floor 
is a great place to study. 2. Studying with a helpful 
teacher like Dr. Wellborn can be fun for Physics 201 
students such as Mark Dowdle Dannielle Landry, and 
Lon Dugger. 3. Gene Allen pursues a personal goal of 
being physically fit. 4. Trying to get the form just right, 
Thomas Crittenden works on a ceramics project. 

— — li 

I J 




Between the mountains, forests, and waterfalls, the 
beauty in Brevard is unsurpassed. In autumn, the 
entire forest as well as the trees on campus turns 
brilliant shades of red, orange, and gold. This scene is 
especially eye-catching to the students who have never 
seen a real fall. The mountains in winter are also 
striking with glimpses of snow and ice always at the 
tops of the higher peaks. Waterfalls, too, such as 
Looking Glass and Bridal Veil Falls, make a great 
scenic contribution year-round. This setting, with its 
continual reminders of the excellence in nature, is 
truly inspirational to both the spirit and the minds of 
all who have come to this place to teach and to learn. 

Opening 5 






Student Lift 

Working And Playing Hard 

1. Free time may be nonexistent for Alli- 
son Wright, Margaret Belk, Jill Moncrief, 
and Day Parker since they have school- 
work and soccer taking up most of their 
time. 2. Laura Hannah and Tim Nelson 
show their dance form at the Orientation 

8 Student Life 

David Coulter and Annette Wallace seem 
to be glad to be back at Brevard College as 
they attend the Orientation Dance. 2. These 
rising sophomores enjoy watching their fresh- 
man year end at Springfest 1985. 3. Getting to 
know people in Mr. Gibbons' Psychology 101 
class can be fun if you like painting other 
people's feel. 

Student Life 9 



I. Freshmen soccer players Buck Rowlee. Markus Sieb- 
mann. David Novak, Eric Zimmerman, and Steve DeLong 
enjoy Ihc banana split party. 2. Julie Johnson and Betty 
Hauk welcome the incoming freshmen and returning stu- 
dents in Jones. 3. Asking herself if this is prison or college 
Mar. Tosaka smiles for her ID. 4. Gordon Murray wonders 
what could be in those tiny little boxes. 5. Wayne Cooke and 
Phil Brodskv share sundaes. 

10 First Week 

The First Wee 

New Faces, Friends, And Feelings 

The first day for freshmen was filled with confusion. 
However, with the aid of Resident Assistants, Mentors, Big 
Sisters, and SGA sophomores, all of whom had arrived 
three days early, they managed to get through it. The next 
two days were filled with General Sessions and getting 
acquainted with everyone. The sophomores arrived by Au- 
gust 27, and the whole process of moving in began anew. 
Following these activities were dances complete with Ashe- 
ville radio D.J.'s and a live band. Threshold; the college's 
first outdoor movie, "'Raiders of the Lost Ark"; and the fun 
of Derby Day, all of which combined to make the first week 
at Brevard College a memorable one. 

"The first week was filled with excitement for what lay ahead but also 
some sadness for what was left behind." — Bonnie Crawford, freshman 

Kirst Week II 

Derby Day Brings Out A 


While the first week of school was filled with tension and 
curiosity. Derby Day helped in releasing the anxiety with its 
many fun events. The activities began after the picnic on 
the green. When President Greer tossed the derby and said. 
"Let the games begin." every dorm team was ready to 
battle for the winning position. While some students waited 
for the opportune moment to spike the volleyball, others 
concentrated on catching that fragile egg. Other highlights 
of the day were the watermelon-eating contest, Izzy-dizzy 
musical buckets, the three-legged race, and the final test of 
team strength, the tug of war. The day was wrapped up with 
the two exciting winners: New Complex with a score of 19 
and West Beam with a score of 21. 

12 Derby Day 

True Spirit Of Competition 

1 . The watermelon-eating contest was a messy job 
for Julie Stewart of West Beam. 2. Cindy Rainey 
and the other West Beam girls tug West Beam to 
a victory. 3. New Complex volleys to a Derby Day 
victory! 4. For Liz Ann Lance, participating in 
izzy-dizzy was a definite experience. 5. Doug 
Newberry supplies the cornerstone for a pyramid 
of women. 6. David Grissett displays his "hard- 
core" talent. 7. Donna Howard and Judy Flower 
concentrate hard during the three-legged race. 

Derby Day 13 

Fashion: B.C. Style 

As for fashions, Brevard College is really with it! 
Just walking across the campus, you can see styles 
ranging from new-wave-punk to All-American 
sweatshirt. There are the average sweaters, jeans 
and sneakers in a myriad of colors. Then, there are 
the not-so-average lacy stockings, bangle bracelets, 
land mismatched earrings for the women. And let's 
not forget about the guys! They can be seen wear- 
ing one or more earrings in one ear, jelly bracelets, 
and — strangely enough — shorts with boxer 
shorts extending from beneath them. 

1*4 BC Fashions 

1. Teresa Shaw and Martin Purser show us old friends: dark shades, faded 
jeans, and the "real" Coke! 2. John Seagle shows us how white goes with all 
occasions. 3. Happiness is . . . wearing what you want, as shown by Karrie 
Merck and John Machate. 4. Kim Bucklew and Lisa Gardner show the 
"West Side" style! 5. Fashion varies from "sizzling hot" to "mellowing 
out" as shown by Deirdrea Reis, Amy Wilson, and Beth Wood. 

BC Fashions 15 

Getting Away From It All 

The Pisgah National Forest is a favorite 

much to oC S° H reV3rd C ° ,lege Students and " 
much to offer. Students can experience the thrill of 

getting down Sliding Rock and can witness the 

majesnc beauty of the waterfalls and the B ue 

Ht^ST ?" y BreVard C °"^ e **£ 
back Id h r 3 "'I" t0 StUdy ' relax - or to kick 

student' Un , Y ° U "" USUa "y find Br evard 
students roughing ,t in the forest during any 


I. B.C. students brave the icy plunge of sliding Rock togeth- 
er. 2. Lynne Campell and JeffGalindo use the forest to get 
>J Irom school life. 3. These students, tired of regular 
food, resort 10 picking berries. 4 Eric Hansen. Wall Kuent- 
zel, and John Gillie take a break from the hard work in rock- 
climbing class. 

16 Pisgah Forest 


The forest isn't the only place stu- 
nts go to get away from it all. Many 
ake the approximately forty-five min- 
e trek to Asheville to shop in the mall 
go to a movie. Others find good res- 
urants and movies about thirty min- 
es away in Hendersonville. Some 
I aredevils travel the treacherous road 
I /er Caesar's Head to Greenville, 
outh Carolina, to check out the enter- 
linment; and on weekends many stu- 
tnts drive three or four hours to Char- 
tte or Atlanta for concerts and other 
g-city activities. Sometimes it doesn't 
;ally matter where a person goes as 
+ng as it's away from campus just far 
lough and just long enough to get a 
tiange of scenery and a change of pace. 

1 . Eric Steele, Tom Blottman, Rick Talbert, Mike 
Macomber, and Richard Kennington hang out in 
the Asheville Mall. 2. Bari Siegall and Cathy Lisk 
found the Roses store next to the campus a conve- 
nient place to browse. 3. Richard Kennington 
checks out the record store in the mall. 4. Angie 
Hills and Letitia Eason leave campus to check 
out the action elsewhere. 

Off Campus Activities 17 

Working Seven Hours A Week 

spSSeY™; srsr&^cs: who show f ~' — « 

expenses of their college education Th! ,!, ' PUt t0Ward the day-to-day 

the cafeteria, faculty ofLes and Lh' tS W ° rk in various P^ces such as 

week. The work ?£%£ J ^ ^^^7 f * fcw hoU " -* 
gJPJ. a chance to heco.e hett J a.uaintl'd fi Iffi* J* Sffii5 

IX Work Slud\ 

1 . Nance Wilson and Frances Lineberger help oul 
in Admissions. 2. Michael Feagan, Ryan Nel- 
son, and Permeco Myers work in Office Supplies. 
3. Working "very hard," Lynne Campbell watch- 
es over the pool. 4. Martha Sanders helps Ronald 
Mashburn in math lab. 5. Suzanne Jayne works 
hard for Mr. Woodruff in class and out. 

Work Slud\ 19 


The Social Board planned a full 
schedule this fall which included in ad- 
dition to special activities such as Casi- 
no Night and dances music videos, 
movies, and Coffeehouses in the S.U. 
ARA Services also contributed with 
special activities in the cafeteria such as 
a live band, bingo, and special meals for 
individual dorms. Other highlights of 
the semester were the programs during 
National Alcohol Awareness Week and 
the Alumni Phonathon during which 
B.C. students helped raise around 
$50,000 for the college. On the occa- 
sions when there weren't any planned 
activities, students didn't usually have 
any trouble finding things to do in their 
free time. 

!- It looks like some shady dealings are going on al the poker tabic. 2. 
Hcnnmg warns ihc players lo keep the game clean, i. Students relax at a 
wccknight Coffeehouse. 

2(1 fall Acli.ili.s 

1 John Lefler and Kim Grceson take pledges from alumni at the Phonathon. 
2. Mike O'Grady from Bridgeway answers students' questions about the 
effects of alcohol. 3. On College Day, students have the chance to check out 
other schools to transfer to. 

Fall Activities 21 


This year's Homecoming Weekend was simply full of events It 
started off on Friday evening with the Lip-Sync Contest. First place 
was awarded to "The Earth Girls", which consisted of Lucy Notes- 
tine. Jackie Jasper, and Maggie Will; second and third prizes were 
also given. Following the contest was a dance in the Zephyr Ball- 
room complete with D.J. Chuck Shelf. The fun spilled over onto 
Saturday starting off with a picnic at the pool. Next came the soccer 
games: the women's team defeated UNC-A with a score of 6-0 and 
the men tied Andrew College 1-1. Later in the day a formal dinner 
was served, and the entire evening was capped by the Homecoming 
Dance with music by the straight A's. The 1985 Homecoming 
winners were King, Brian Cook and Queen, Molly Rawlings as well 
as Prince, Steve DeLong and Princess, Blair Autrey. 

1. Dave Kaneko gels down and gels funky at 

the Homecoming Dance. 2. Wall watches as 

Buck Rowlcc and Sean Juman-Singh "ham il 

up" on Lip-Sync nighl after winning third 

place for their Billy Idol imitation. 

22 Homecoming 

!. Missy Hudson and Buck Rowlee take a 
break from all the Homecoming excitement. 2. 
Blair Autrey — Homecoming Princess 1985. 3. 
Laura Sproat and Doug DeLorey are surely 
not tired already! 

Homecoming 23 

itoH'iM- - 


Queen Molly Ruwlings and King Brian Cook 

r^nh r ,, P p l 'T^' B ™ n , Co ° k ' Jamie S P ec ^ R<*ekah Carpenter. Jeff Galindo. Lynru 
Campbell. Rick C hamberlin, Ramona Carpio. Tony Palino. Molly Rawhngs; No! Pictured 
Doug Newberry. Fernando Cordovez, 

24 Homccominf; 


ding Court 

Lenny Brantley, Melissa Poston. Sieve DeLong. Sandy Rogers, Buck Rowlee. Shelley Ivey 
Tom Johnson. Blair Autrey; Not Pictured: Necole Voyles. Steve Rees. Jason Miele'Dawn 

Princess Blair Autrey and Prince Steve DeLong 

Homecoming 25 

mm km 


VatLLLi tiliLiLl 

Taylor is the oldest regular dorm on campus. Its most 
outstanding features are probably the "tanning deck" 
which may be in use in January as well as May, and the 
sort of salmon-red color of the halls. While Walt Kuent- 
zel is the present R.T., our former Dean Wray once 
served in that position. Also, the Campus Minister, 
Charlie Gibbons, lived in Taylor when he was a student 
here. The students living there now believe they have the 
nicest lobby on campus (Is that a challenge to Jones?), 
and that Taylor is, for better or worse, THE party dorm 
on campus. 

Charlie Blythe has been studying too much or partying too hard — what do 

vou think? 

26 Taylor Dorm 

Through the magic of Kent Thompson's photography. Fernando has managed to squeeze a crowd into his 


Green Dorm is unique because it's 
sideways, if you think about it. It has two 
ends, but it doesn't really have a front and 
back. Green is also unusual because of the 
fire escape exit at the north end. This men's 
residence is the second oldest dorm on cam- 
pus. One interesting piece of trivia about 
Green is that Dr. Charlie Teague was the 
president of the dorm when he was a student 
at Brevard. There are several soccer players 
in the dorm, and the present assistant soccer 
coach, David Taylor, is the R.T. while Dean 
and Coach Scarborough served as R.T. a few 
years back. 

I. Robbie Caswell and Marty Powers 
ask. "Where's the beach?" 2. John 
Lutz escapes from the sub-basement 
to phone home. 3. "Hail. hail, the 
gang's all here" — in Green lobby. 

Brevard College was faced with a shortage 
of male housing this year; the College set up 
temporary housing, and eleven students were 
sent to Stamey, the smallest dorm on campus. 
With five bedrooms, a lobby, and Dr. Jerry 
Sherrod as the resident tutor, the Stamey 
boys made Stamey their home. Early in the 
year, a group of students from Stamey went 
to see the President of the school about mak- 
ing the dorm permanent. The building was 
built in 1946 to be an infirmary, but when the 
infirmary moved to the gym, first Stamey 
became a women's dorm and then the art 
department used the building for an exten- 
sion. Now those selected male students who 
reside in Stamey can say "WE ARE JER- 
RY'S KIDS." — Shawn Lackey 

I. Tsk! Tsk! Eric Hammond's still 
in bed at 1 1:00 a.m. 2. Raul Die? 
takes a study break. 

2X Stame\ 



i i 

Jones Hall, which houses approximately 
180 students, is the biggest residence hall. 
The east wing, completed in 1956, features 
two-room suites with connecting baths. 
The west wing, built in 1953, has commu- 
nity bathrooms. The porch wasn't added 
until 1965. Unique to Jones is the plumb- 
ing system: When the lavatories are in use, 
al cold water is cut off to the showers. This 
phenomenon is a great source of amuse- 
ment to practical jokers, and it is not un- 
usual for a showering person to be unex- 
pectedly doused with hot water. Another 
distinguishing feature of Jones is "the Pit" 
which is actually the basement where a 
few brave souls choose to live. Jones is a 
popular gathering-place on campus be- 
cause of the warm and comfortable atmo- 
sphere of the lobby. 

Teresa Shaw knows what to do in a lounge: lounge! 2. Pam 
McComas and Beth Wood take a study break. 3. For Ronnie 
Buell, Richard North, and Bert Nichols, the lobby is also a 
good place to study. 

\LU.\iX mm 

I Doug Briggs spends his afternoon writing letters. 2. Yes. even 

college students still love good ole' Fred Flintstone. 3. Juan Rodriguez 

and Brian Cartland tr\ to act natural for the camera. 4. The coed 

Beam lobby is a fun place to "hang out". 

Ml Kasl Beam 

Beam is the most modern regular dormitory on the Bre- 
vard College campus. The lobby is shared by both the 
women's and the men's wings and has a study lounge which 
is great for all those late nights spent studying. The out- 
standing features of the rooms are all the storage space and 
the large bathrooms between every two rooms. West Beam 
overlooks the center of the campus, and East Beam has a 
picturesque view of the barn, the weeping willows, the corn- 
field, and the mountains. 

West Beam 31 


GM irliLiUfcfi: 

The New Complex, whose present 
R.T. is Steve Kelly, was built in 1982 
and was designed to house twenty-four 
students with six in each of four apart- 
ments. The design is such that the 
apartments could also be used for facul- 
ty housing if necessary. Most of the in- 
habitants are members of the men's 
cross-cosuntry, track, and basketball 
teams, not because the apartments are 
reserved for athletes but because these 
people just decided to sign up to live 
there together. The apartments are a 
very comfortable and attractive addi- 
tion to Brevard College student hous- 

Winston Brown and Paul 

Carpenter are ready for Belter 

Homes and Gardens to do a 

feature on their apartment. 

32 New Complex 



Ross Hall was built in the early 1920's but has 
been renovated drastically since that time. It 
was recently used for faculty housing and is 
presently a women's residence with Dave Rinker 
and his wife Sue in charge. There is a great view 
of the campus from this huge old building on top 
of a hill, and the students there feel a little more 
independent since they are further from the cen- 
ter of campus than other students in the dorms. 
Ross Hall provided an ideal setting for a Hal- 
loween Haunted House, and it also has a great 
driveway for sledding — if there is ever enough 

1. Carmen Nelon, Vice-President of 
Ross, isn't kissing anyone with tobac- 
co-lips, not even boyfriend Greg 
Strowd. 2. Tricia Ferguson, according 
to some Ross Hali residents, makes 
Ross a great place to live. 3. Lynn 
MacFarlane looks very natural with 
the phone in her hand- 

Ross Hall 33 


The Fall Life and Culture Series began with Fall Convo- 
cation at which Dr. Wood addressed the college on the 
subject "College is the Real World." This year's Purgason 
Lecture Series featured Dr. Charles Petty who spoke on the 
topics "Climbing the Ladder of Success and Taking Your 
Family with You" and "Sex and What Adults Never Told 
You." Actor John Chappell, whose Mark Twain perfor- 
mance drew a large crowd a couple of years ago, presented 
scenes from the life of the famous trial lawyer Clarence 
Darrow. There were also several art films throughout the 
semester as well as programs by the Jazz Ensemble, Con- 
cert Band, and Collegiate Singers featuring popular, classi- 
cal, jazz, sacred, and finally Christmas music at the special 
Christmas Service which closed out the Life and Culture 

I. John Chappell docs his one-man show on 
the "Scopes Monkey Trial" lawyer, Clarence 
Darrow 2. Students crowd around Dr. Engc 
to order Dining with Dickens. 3. Members of 

the community enjoy a beautiful September 
afternoon at the Concert in the Park. 

M tall Life And Culture 

I. Dr. Charles Petty and Mr. W.H. Purgason 
discuss this year's lectures. 2. Dickens expert Dr. 
Elliot Engel captivates the audience with the tale 
of "Captain Murderer". 3. Brevard alumni Mr. 
and Mrs. Purgason and their daughter pay a 
special visit to the college for the Purgason 

Fall Life And Culture 35 



Halloween started off this year 
with the Halloween Dance. Admis- 
sion was by costume. There were a 
few interesting costumes that attend- 
ed the Halloween Dinner also. Linda 
Davis went as a daddy, and Drew 
Ciriot was mommy. Those who 
didn't attend opening night of the 
production Arsenic and Old Lace 
went trick-or-treating at the SU. 
Toni Stone was a pumpkin, Mike 
Turner was a playboy bunny, and 
Kristin Reed was a punk rocker. 
There was a great variety of cos- 
tumes. Kappa Chi also had a carni- 
val for faculty kids at the Methodist 
Church. The President of the college 
offered hot chocolate, apple juice, 
cookies, and candy corn to weary 
trick or treaters at his house. Rumor 
has it that Mrs. Greer was also in 
Holloween spirits disguised as a 
witch. Students and faculty alike 
seemed to enjoy the bewitching ac- 
tivities of Halloween this year! 


Decorations always help ,o so, .he mood. 2. Shawn Lackey says. "What tasty blood you have, my 2 

.'6 Halloween 

rr: i TJjj a3 ifji t u wi iM ^ |fffini|||HMp|H| 

Halloween 37 




38 Halloween 



Parents' weekend is always a wel- 
comed event for all of us. The Student 
Government did a great job of planning 
activities this year. On Friday Novem- 
ber 1, parents could attend our classes 
and see what attending a class here at 
Brevard was really like. Friday night 
activities included a Talent Show and 
the fall production of Arsenic and Old 
Lace. Saturday morning parents met 
with teachers and then could attend the 
girls' and guys' soccer games in the 
afternoon. Saturday night the drama 
department put on Arsenic and Old 
Lace again for those who didn't see it 
Friday night, and there was also a jazz 
concert in Dunham. On Sunday there 
was a service of worship and lunch in 
the'cafeteria. Then our parents headed 
back home on Sunday, tired from a fun- 
filled weekend. 

-■<*■■ -dh 


I. Diana Briggs and her family watch the soccer game. 

2. The B.C. Jazz Band provides musical entertainment in the 


3. Are Mr. Woodruff, Sean Juman-Singh, and Sean's parents 

discussing Sean's grades? 

40 Parents' Weekend 

I, Rebekah Carpenter performs at the Talent 
Show. 2. Lindberg Moody and his mother talk 
with Miss Nicholson about his grades. 3. Renee 
Robinson and her companions seem to wonder if 
B.C. is winning the soccer game. 4. B.C. students 
"jam out" on Parents' Weekend. 

Parents' Weekend 41 


Arsenic And 
Old Lace 

This year's first dramatic production by the fine arts 
division, Joseph Kesselring's Arsenic and Old Lace 
opened on October 31. This production went well with 
Halloween since the plot concerns two sweet little old 
ladies, Abby and Martha Brewster, who poison lonely 
old men to put them out of their misery, then the ladies 
have their nephew Teddy (who thinks he's Roosevelt) 
bury the bodies in the "Panama Canal", i.e. the cellar 
borne of the people who saw the play may have been 
tamiliar with the movie version which featured Cary 
Grant as the shocked other nephew Mortimer. In any 
case students, faculty, and parents greatly enjoyed the 
production, which was presented in the Barn Theatre 

1. Jonathan Brewster and Dr. Einstein are on 
the verge of making a big mistake as thev toast 
each other with wine that contains arsenic. 2. 
Mild-mannered student Archie LeGrone reve- 
las another side of his personality in his por- 
trayal of the crazy newphew Teddv. 3. Elaine 
Harper joins Miss Abby and Miss Martha for 

42 Kail Drama 


Abbv Brewster 

Jane E. Bailey 

The Rev. Dr. Harper 

Juan R. Rodriguez 

Teddy Brewster 

Archie L. LeGrone 

Officer Brophy 

Jefferv 0. Rice 

Officer Klein 

Jonathan P. Bass 

Martha Brewster 

Deirdrea A. Reis 

Elaine Harper 

Annette C. Wallace 

Mortimer Brewster 

Thomas L. Crittenden 

Mr. Gibbs 

Christopher G. Bailey 

Jonathan Brewster 

Douglas H Newberry 

Dr. Einstein 

James D. Keirstead 

Officer O'Hara 

Sam L. Cope 

Lieutenant Roonev 

Juan R. Rodriguez 

Mr. Witherspoon 

Christopher G. Bailey 

1. Juan Rodriguez concentrates before his turn to go on stage. 2. Mr. 
Cope prepares James Keirstead for the role of Dr. Einstein (not 
Albert). 3. Annette Wallace and Thomas Crittenden act lovey-dovey 
as Elaine Harper and Mortimer Brewster. 

rail Drama 43 

I --^--*;-, - ■ •r.-L.ztv.i^i 


The Brevard campus showed Christ- 
mas spirit starting with the annual 
Christmas Tree Lighting Sunday, De- 
cember 8. Participants brought gifts 
such as food, toys, or clothing to donate 
to needy people in the community. Be- 
fore exams, there were a special Christ- 
mas Dinner and a Christmas Dance 
with a live band. The Greers also con- 
tributed to the holiday mood by hosting 
a Christmas Party in the Student 
Union. Many students decorated their 
rooms and doors, participated in "Se- 
cret Santa", and went to dorm parties. 
All of the festivities helped students get 
through exam week and on to their long 
Christmas vacation. 

1. Students, faculty, and others sing 

"Silent Night" by candlelight to 

close the Christmas Service. 2. Mrs. 

Greer and the Maintenance crew did 

a good job of decorating the campus. 

3. The Collegiate Singers file out of 

the Auditorium in preparation for 

the Lighting of the Tree. 4. While 

the Singers take a break, the 

Concert Band performs some rousing 

Christmas music. 

44 Christmas 

The Lighting of the Christmas Tree is a special 
tradition at Brevard College. 2. Mojdeh Bakhit reads 
scripture in the language of her native country. Iran, 
at the Christmas Service. 3. Laurent Augier reads 
part of the Christmas story in French. 

Christmas 45 

I The bookstore sends Christmas greetings to all. 2. B.C. students hold down 
the wall during the town Christmas Parade. 3. ChristMOUSE carols echo 
through the halls. 4. President Greer, Dean Scarborough, and Walt Kuentzcl 
as Santa help West Beam celebrate. 

46 Christmas 

I. "Jann"(Fann)and Billy Greer and their 
sons lead off ihe Brevard Christmas Pa- 
rade. 2. Merry Christmas from Spain. 
Germany, and France. 3. It's Christmas 
amid the clutter in Jones Dorm. 4. Terri 
Noel and Linda Shaw have wrapped their 
room up for Christmas. 

Christmas 47 

The Dreaded Week Of 

The coming of exams means different things to 
different people. For some, it signifies the end of the 
semester and the arrival of Christmas vacation; for 
others, it is the last opportunity to raise their grades. 
And for all it is a time for serious studying. Signs on 
dorm room doors reading "I'm studying! Disturb at 
your own risk!" are commonplace. Visitations hours 
are extended, and a policy of round-the clock quiet 
hours is put into effect. At any rate, everyone agrees 
that the best part of exams is being finished with 

I. Dr. Wclmore gels a thrill out of terrifying students. 2. Jim Teer 
studies in the "quiet" Student Union. 3. Kellie Shirley and Tom 
McKinnon make studying a twosome. 4. Junko Nagaoka finds that the 
library isn't the only place to study. 


48 Kxams 

Spring Registration 

A Fresh Beginning . . . 

Everyone returned to school after a 
long, much needed break on January 
12th. Registration for returning sopho- 
mores was January 13th. and new stu- 
dents and freshmen registered on Janu- 
ary 14th. Classes started on Wednesday 
the 15th. Some students left and trans- 
ferred to other colleges and universities 
while we had a few new students come 
to Brevard for the Spring Semester. 
Spring Semester also saw the return of 
former Dean of Admissions Dana Paul 
and former Registrar Bill Gash. 

Spring Registrafioi 4M 


Second semester's social activities 
got started right away with a dance 
and casino night. The week of Valen- 
tine's Day provided extra entertain- 
ment with special coffeehouses the 
Thursday before and the Tuesday 
after and with a special Valentine's 
Dance complete with an attractively 
decorated dance floor, and a signifi- 
cant amount of snow to commemo- 
rate the occasion. Although the 
yearbook went to press well before 
the semester was over, several other 
activities which it could not cover 
were planned. Faculty and staff an- 
ticipated the early March visit of the 
Committee which would evaluate 
the college's Self-Study; meanwhile, 
students looked forward to a special 
spring formal in April to be held in 
the Deerpark Inn at the Biltmore 
House in Asheville and also to the 
last big social event of the year, 
Springfest. Another highlight of the 
semester was the annual Christian 
Encounter week and the continuing 
religious life Pause activity with 
meditations led by students. As usu- 
al, B.D. students continued to find 
creative ways to amuse themselves. 

I Carla Ulbrich and Billy Wilkie entertain at 
a special pre-Valentine's Coffeehouse. 2. 
Shady Tree Bluegrass Band plays a sharp tune 
for a Tuesday night Coffeehouse. 3. Guess 
how many kernels of popcorn and . You 
win Margaret Belk's car! 

Second Semester Action 

5H spring Activities 

I. Jeff Punches goes after his target with a 
"missile". 2. "Let the Winter games begin." 
3. Something in this picture doesn't belong: 
Is it Junko or Frosty? 4 Long hours were 
spent perfecting the spring production of 
"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. 

Spring Activities 51 

Spring Cife And Culture 

This semesters Life and Culture se- 
ries opened with Spring Convocation 
where U.S. Congressmen Bill Hendon 
addressed the college community. The 
series continued with classical music 
performances by the American Cham- 
ber Trio, Kate Ransom and Tony Sir 1 - 
ianni, and the Brevard Chamber Or- 
chestra. Although the yearbook went to 
press before concluded, there were also 
plans for concerts by the College Jazz 
and Concert Bands as well as the jazz 
trio called Northwind. Dr. Sam Clark, 
the campus Minister of Oxford College 
in Georgia, was to preside over this 
year's Staley Lectures. And last but 
certainly not least, Juan Rodriguez 
played a superb Charlie Brown in this 
semester's spring drama, You're A 
Good Man, Charlie Brown. 

The American Chamber Trio & kale Ransom 

wiih Anthon) Sinanni were among the classical 

performers during ihe Spring Semester 

52 Spring life \nd ( ullure 

I. The Norlhwind Ja77 group performed for BC students as 
part of spring Life and Culture. 2. Congressman Bill Hendon 
promises an interesting speech. 3. Dr. Greer and Mr. Gibbons 
discuss the morning's speech with Congressman Bill Hendon. 

Spring Life And Culture 53 


Cupid Strikes Brevard College 

This year's snow-capped Valentine's Day was a two-day 
event. It started with a banquet-style dinner on the eve of 
Valentine's Day; there were even real tablecloths and can- 
dles, too! The College Bookstore got into the spirit by 
delivering flowers to your Valentine anywhere on campus. 
The Valentine's Dance was held at the spectacularly deco- 
rated cafeteria. Pink, Red, and white balloons dangled from 
the ceiling and musical entertainment was provided once 
again by D.J. Chuck Shelf. The king and queen were Brian 
Cook and Margaret Belk, respectively. 

I. King Brian Cook and Queen Margaret Belk take a turn around on the floor. 2. Jon Milncr. 
refreshments and a break from dancing. 3. Marty Powers brcakdanccs — or breaks something. 4. 
' Valentine's Dance. 

54 Valentine's 

Hams, and Masa 
spirit and decorations for the 

I . Jennifer Smilh does a back breaking job as she 
Limbos. 2. Wallflowers, bul not for long. 3. Bre- 
vard students get in motion to the tune "Jungle 
Boy". 4. Spirits were "high" at the dance. 5. 
Annette and Doug dance to a slow tune. 6. Bert, 
well dressed for the occasion, gels into the groove. 

\ alentine's 55 






Bomta B Adams 
Wilson. NC 

Silvia \l Alvarez 
Naples. II 

Erica A. Arbogasl 
Man Esther. FL 

Laurent Augicr 
Pans. France 

Kalhy L. Badal 
Charlotte. NC 

Caroline L. Bailey 
Charlotte. NC 

Jane E. Bailey 
Saniebel, FL 

Polly A. Balsley 
Pensacola, FL 

Ashley H. Barrett 
Atlanta. GA 

Robin Barrett 
Charlotte. NC 

Kristi L. Baynard 
Pisgah Forest. NC 

S. Margaret Belk 
Charlotte, NC 

58 Sophomores 

( athc i inc I Benton 
Brevard \< 

< harks I Blythe 
( harlotle, \( 

Richard N BoggS 
Brevard. N< 

B Mark Boll 
Pisgah Forest, NC 

Robcn M. Bond 
Columbia, SC 

Michele L. Bowling 
Charlotte, NC 

Hcnning Brandt 
Copenhagen. Denmark 

Andrea L. Braymiller 
Elizabeth City.' NC 

Leah A. Brethauer 
Bradenton. FL 

Douglas R. Briggs 
New Smyrna Beach, FL 

Philip C. Brodsky 
Miami, FL 

Alan M. Brown 
Cars. NC 

Sophomores 59 

Rebecca J. Brumlc> 
Charleston. SC 

Christ) M Burger 
Brevard, NC 

Charlisa \\ Burnett 
Fletcher. NC 

Terri A. Cairnes 
Horse Shoe. NC 

Lynne E. Campbell 
Ontario. Canada 

Erik M. Chalmers 
Sarasota, FL 

Richard T. Chambcrlin 
Clearwater, FL 

W. Arlcca Chapman 
Rosman, NC 

Rebekah B. Carpenter 
Ardcn, NC 

Ramona Carpio 
Miami, FL 

M irta V, Cedeno 
Miami. FL 

60 Sophomores 

Drew A. Cinol 
Deland. FL 

V. Page Clark 
Longwood. FL 

Trinna K. Coggins 
Brevard. \C 

David 1 ( hapman \( 

Rnk\ D Chatman 
Sparla. GA 

Stephen M ( havouslie 
Coral Springs. FL 

John E Coleman 
Lura>. \ \ 

Don E. Collier 
Winter Park. FL 

Brenda M. Collins 
Hendersonwllc. NC 

L Marc Conner 
Hickory. NC 

R. Wa\ne Cooke 
Matthews. NC 

Sophomores 61 

Fernando VI. Cordovez 
Hoboken, \J 

Dawd S. Couhcr 
Hillsborough, \J 

Chris D. Crowder 
Oxford, \C 

Susan F. Curnn 
Oxford, NC 

\I \shle> Darst 
Greensboro. NC 

Linda K. Daws 
Canton, NC 

Cameron E. DeBrew 
Shelby, NC 

Sandy L. Dedrick 
Greensboro, NC 

Kathy J. DeLeon 
Atlanta, GA 

Larry V. DeLong 
Longwood, FL 

Raul E. Diez 
Panama Zone, 7 

Walter B. Dobbins 
Brevard. NC 

62 Sophomore 

Kobcri I Dodd 
Roswcll G \ 

Sophomores 63 

Jud\ T. Flower 
Greenville, NC 

Angela L Flo\d 
Brevard, NC 

(Men G. Forbes 
Salem. \ \ 

Cynthia Fought 
Arlington, VA 

C. Barron \ rad} 
Brevard, NC 

Jeff A Galindo 
Matthews, NC 

Alex B Gardner 
Greensboro, NC 

John C Gillie 
Columbus, NC 

Steven M Goodman 
Moorcsvillc, NC 

Kenneth D. Gray 
Penrose. NC 

Kim I Cirecson 
Pincville, NC 

Shane Gunderson 
Miramar, FL 

t>4 Sophomores 

Roudic Guslave 
( arol Cily. FL 

Christ> S. Hallas 
St. Petersburg. I I 

John J. Hamp 
Rotonda West, FL 

Pepita R. Harper 
Tallahassee, FL 

Amy R- Harris 
Batesburg, SC 

Daniel P. Healer 
Lake Lure, NC 

Barry L. Hendren 
Moravian Falls, NC 

Angela Y. Hills 
Conway, SC 

Farris Hodo 
Atlanta, GA 

Albert Hong 
Savannah, GA 

Donna J- Howard 
Hogansville, GA 

David R. Huskins 
Gastonia, NC 

Sophomores 65 

Asa mi lloh 
Fukuoka, Japan 

Evelyn R. Jacobs 

Durham, NC 

Robin L. Jankins V \ 

Eric P. Janulel 
Elowah. NC 

Jackie A. Jasper 
Miami, FL 

M. Suzanna Jayne 
Ashevilie. NC 

Beau S. John 
Columbia, SC 

Jose E. Joubert 
Ponce. Puerlo Rico 

Michael J. Kelly 
Seward. PA 

Susan L. Kelley 
High Point. NC 

Jon A. Kiefcr 
Ashevilie, NC 

Raymond A King 
Brevard. NC 

r>6 Sophomores 

Michael K. kinton 
\s artenton, N( 

Heather \ Kivctt 
Mooresville, NC 

Karla Y. Kocnig 
Gilbert. SC 

Erick R. Kroll 
Ml. Pleasant, SC 

Brian A. Lambert 
Forest City, \C 

Dannielle E. Landry 
Burton, SC 

V. Bethe Lasater 
Gastonia, NC 

J. Ashlyn Lassiter 
Greensboro, NC 

Anne E. Lauzon 
Shallotte, NC 

L. Lee Lawhorne 
Summerfield. NC 

Kim A. Layman 
Chester, VA 

Donna J. Lindsay 
Ellorce, SC 

Sophomores 67 

Stacey L. Luce 
Beaufort. SC 

John R. Lutz 
Forest City. NC 

B Lynn Macfarlane 
Naples. FL 

Catherine A. Magruder 
Atlanta. GA 

Stephen R. Maldari 
Trenton, NJ 

Christopher P. Mann 

Asheville, NC 

Rodney T. Marett 
Black Mountain, NC 

Linda M. Martinez 
Coral Gables, FL 

Ronald A. Mashburn 
Arden. NC 

Kaoru Matsumoto 
Gifa, Japan 

Craig A. May 
Indian Trail, NC 

Frederick T. McKinnon 
Chapel Hill, NC 

68 Sophomores 

Patricia A McQueen 
Red Springs. \( 

Kimberl) \i Medlin 
Panama City, FL 

Betty M Mcccc 

Brevard, NC 

Karrie R. Mercle 
Gainesville, GA 

Melissa S. Meyer 
Chapel Hill. NC 

Selina D. Miller 
Claremont, NC 

Jon T. Milner 
Fairfield, OH 

Rameses X. Milton 
Cairo, Egypt 

Jill A. Moncrief 
Gastonia, NC 

Amanda G. Moore 
Mill Spring, NC 

Alfredo Moya 
Valencia, Venezuela 

Jayne Murray 
Jasper, GA 

Sophomores 69 

Permeco 1_. Myers 
Columbia, SC 

Junko Nagaoka 
Kanagawa, Japan 

Carmen S. Nelon 
Black Mountain, NC 

Ryan M. Nelson 
Clearwater, FL 

Jeffrey S. New 
Brevard, NC 

Doug H- Newberry 
Winston Salem, NC 

Bernice L. Nichols 
Woodstock. CT 

Yasuko Nishikawa 
Kita-Ku, Japan 

Richard A. North 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Lucinda A. Notestine 
Sarasota, FL 

Heather S. O'Bryan 
Springfield, TN 

Kimbcrly C. Ormand 
Laurinburg, NC 

70 Sophomores 

Julie A. Orrcll 
Wilmington, NC 

Day M. Parker 
Marietta, GA 

Tony A. Palino 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Mark A. Penningcr 
Charlotte, NC 

Kelly L. Pepper 
Chocowinity, NC 

Iris Y. Perez 
Miami, FL 

Julie B. Perkins 
Tailahasee, FL 


L. Phillipoff 

. FL 

Janice C 


Richard M. Pittman 
Marion, NC 

Wendv S. Polomis 
Shallotte. NC 

Nancy D. Poole 
Charlotte. NC 

Sophomores 71 

Patches Pullvlal 
Charlotte. NC 

Lisa L. Raditz 
Brevard. NC 

Rhonda K. Ragland 
Brevard. NC 

Cynthia E. Rainey 
Cordele, GA 

Molly G. Rawlings 
Lexington. KY 

Gregory S. Reese 
Brevard. NC 

Deirdrea A. Reis 
New Windsor. NY 

Paul A. Rhyne 
Amencus, GA 

John C. Rider 
Brevard. NC 

Christopher A. Riggin 
Mt. Pleasant, SC 

David L Robinson 
I iberty. SC 

Christopher A. Rodgcrs 
Columbia, SC 

72 Sophomores K Kodnizuc/ 
Miami. I I 

I Evclynn Rodriguez 
Brevard. N< 

I ori \ Ross 
Ocala. FL 

Kaihlecn M Ryan 
Springfield, V,-\ 

Donna M. Schooling 
Brevard, NC 

Kathryn L. Scogin 
Amencus. GA 

Kimberly C. Scon 
Taylorsville. NC 

Susan R, Scott 
Hendcrsonville, NC 

John A. Seagle 
Hickory. NC 

Alexis E. Seymour 
West Beam. BC 

Susan K. Seymour 
Elberton, GA 

Teresa F. Shaw 

Indian Rocks Beach. FL 

Sophomores 73 


Lori A. Sheldl 
Sharonville, OH 

Chuck V. Shelf 
Charlotte. NC 

Kellie A. Shirley 
Arden. NC 

Becky A. Shore 
Merritt Island. FL 

Mary K. Simmons 
Rockledge, FL 

G. Lvnn Simrj 
High Point. NC 

Jonathan L. Slate 
East Point. GA 

Thomas M. Snowden 
Clearwater. FL 

Lora R. Sobotka 
San Antonio. FL 

Jamie L. Specht 
Crestview. FL 

Ronald W. Stephens 
Pisgah Forest. NC 

Julie K Stewart 
Smyrna. GA 

74 Sophomores 

I Dm I Slone 
Swannanoa, N( 

Audra M SlOUl 
Sarasota, I I 

(■van M Si John 
Concord. NC 

Gregory S. Strowd 
Chapel Hill, NC 

Angela Swiatkowski 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 

Mika Tamada 
Kyoto, Japan 

John P. Tasch 
Winter Park. FL 

Robin W. Thomas 
Brevard, NC 

Julie M- Thompson 
Sarasota, FL 

Mary R. Tipton 
Winter Park, FL 

Mari Tosaka 
Gunma-Ken, Japan 

Frank Troutman 
Augusta. GA 

Sophomores 75 

Carla K I Ibnch 
Clemson. SC 

Tamara W. Valentine 
Brevard. NC 

Paula J Vasoll 
Charlotic. NC 

Miguel L. Viadero 
Orlando, FL 

Lori J. Vogel 
Ft Mill. SC 

Annette C. Wallace 
Hanahan. SC 

Lawson B. Walslon 
Tarboro, NC 

Christine Washburn 
Shelby, NC 

Rob C. Whitaker 
Hendersonville. NC 

Dana L. Wiggins 
Fayetteville, NC 

Myranda R Wilcox 
High Point, NC 

Margaret E. Will 
Dallas, NC 

76 Sophomores 

Angela R. W illiams 
Marion, \( 

David C. Williams 
Hcndcrsonvillc, \( 

Leslie A., Wilson 
Carlisle. PA 

Melanie A. Wilson 
Franklin. NC 

[Catherine A. Wodtke 
Vero Beach. FL 

Ted C. Wollstein 
Rome. GA 

Beth Wood 
Perry. FL 

John C. Zinn 
Indiantown, FL 

Sophomores 77 

Who's Who Among Students 
In American Junior Colleges 

Twenty-two Brevard college students were included in the 1 986 edition of Who's Who in American Junior 
Colleges. These students received this distinguished honor based on their academic, extracurricular and 
community involvement during their Brevard College careers. This honor gives recognition not only to'their 
various achievements, but also to the individuals themselves — their leadership, potential, and concern 
Involvement in activities and concern for others are two keys to being selected among the country's most 
outstanding campus leaders. These students take pride in being chosen as recipients of this honor as well as 
being recognized as important members of the Brevard College community. 

Robin Barrett 

First Chair, Concert Band; Brass 
Quintet; Tornado Club; Honor 
Roll, Freshman Year; Valentine's 
Court 1985; Resident Assistant 

Ramona Carpio 

SGA; Freshman Rep.; Pres., Tor- 
nado Club; Circle K; Kappa Chi; 
Pertelole: Clarion: Beam Scholar; 
Homecoming Princess 1984; Cere- 
monies Committee; Phonathon 

Maria Cedeno 
Social Board; Freshman Rep.; 
Spanish Club; International Club. 
Resident Assistant; Co-Captain, 
Cheerleading Squad 1985-86; Val- 
entine's Court 1985 

Richard Chamberlin 

Captain, 1985-86 Soccer Team; 
Resident Assistant; Valentine 
Prince, 1985; Phi Theta Kappa, 

Brian Cook 
Vice-Pres., SGA J. Board; PTK; 
Student Ambassador; Duke Schol- 
ar; Dean's List, 1984-85; Chief 
Marshal; Valentine's Court 1985; 
Continuation Committee; R.A. 

Linda Davis 

Fr. Rep. & Sec, SGA; V. Pres., 
Kappa Chi; Circle K; French Club; 
Big Sis; Champion Int. Found, 
Schol.; Bishop Bevel L. Jones 
Schol.; Coord. 1st Meth. College 

78 Who's Who 

Lori Dugger 

Phi Theta Kappa; Kappa Chi; 
Resident Assistant; Circle K; 
Dean's List, Freshman Year; Mar- 
shal; Sims Scholar 

Judy Flower 

Circle K; chorus, Oklahoma; lead- 
ing role. Fools; Honor Roll, Fresh- 
man Year; Big Sister; Sacred 
Heart Fold Group 

Albert Hong 

Mentor; Student Ambassador; 
French Club; Travel Club; Chris- 
tian Student Fellowship; Honor 
Roll, Freshman Year; Ceremonies 

Donna Howard 

J Board, SGA; PTK; cheerleader 
1984-85; Circle K; Kappa Chi; 
CSF; Spanish Club; Student Amb.; 
Tornado Club; Big Sis; Duke 
Scholar; Marshal; Life & Culture 

David Mays 

J Board; Corr. Sec, PTK; German 
Club; R.A.; Co-Captain, Men's 
C.C. & Track; Sims Scholarship; 
Marshal; Life & Culture Commit- 

Carmen Nelon 
J Board; Program Coord., Travel 
Club; Student Amb.; Women's 
Basketball: Most Improved Player, 
1984-85; Athletic Scholarship: 
Honor Roll, Freshman Year 

Kim Ormand 
Freshman Rep., SGA; Editor, 
Clarion; Resident Assistant; Honor 
Roll, Freshman Year 

Day Parker 

German Club; Sec./Treas., Travel 
Club; Resident Assistant; Women's 
Soccer; Honor Roll. Freshman 
Year; Academic Scholarship 

Who's Who 79 


Kathy Scogin 
Vice Prcs., PTK; Co-Editor, Perle- 
lolc: Kappa Chi; Sec.-Treas., Cir- 
cle K 1984-85; R.A.; Jones Schol- 
ar; Freshman Scholar; Marshal; 
Student Dev. Committee 

Lori Sheldt 
Phi Theta Kappa; R.A.; Concert 
Band, Sims Scholar; Dean's List, 
Freshman Year; winner of Out- 
standing Math Student Award, 

Charles Shelf 

Social Board Vice-President; Men- 
tor; Talent Scholarship for music; 
Ceremonies Committee; Music 
Advisory Board; Brevard Chamber 

Jamie Specht 

SGA Representative; Social Board; 
President, West Jones; Big Sister; 
Sims Scholar 

Greg Strowd 

President, Travel Club; Mentor; 
R.A.; Ceremonies Committee; win- 
ner of Outstanding History Student 
Award, 1984-85; Brevard student 
forest fire crew, '84-85 

Angela Swiatkowski 

Spanish Club; Cheerleader I; Cap- 
tain, Cheerleaders II; Tennis 
Scholarship; Homecoming Court 
'84; Valentine's Court '85; 
Achievement Scholarship 

Carla Ulbrich 
Freshman Rep., SGA; CSF; Presi- 
dent, PTK; Women's Soccer; Sims 
Scholar; Learning Resources Com- 
mittee; Dean's List; Honor Roll; 
Music Scholarship 

Melanie Wilson 
PTK; CSF; Concert Band; Colle- 
giate Singers; Big Sisters; Orches- 
tra for Oklahoma; Sims Scholar; 
flute soloist; Dean's List freshman 

XII Who's Who 


Student Marshals 

A marshal is, according to Webster's Dictionary, "a person who ar- 
ranges and directs the ceremonial aspects of any gathering." At Brevard 
College, the honor of being named a marshal is given to only the students 
in the class with the highest academic ranking. The marshals are chosen as 
freshmen on Honors and Awards Day in May; their first duty is to assist at 
the Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises, and the next year they 
serve at convocations and again on Honors Day when their successors are 

David Eric Mays 

Kathryn Lynne Scogin 

Man Tosaka 

Student Marshalls XI 



Most Dependable 


Kellic Shirley 

Rick Edwards 

Linda Davis 

Chuck Shelf 

Best Personality 

Dina Macaluso 

Doug Newberry 

Most Talented 

Most Athletic 

Rcbckah Carpenter 

Chris Mann 

Carmen Nclon 

Alfredo Moya 

S2 Superlatives 

Most Studious 

Most Caring 

David Mays 

Lynne Campbell 

Stephen Wells 

Most Outstanding International Student 

Mika Tamada 

Henning Brandt 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Best All Around 

Kathy Scogin 

Warren Yardlev 

Molly Rawlings 

Brian Cook 

Superlatives 83 


Shelly R. Ainsworth 
Texarkana, AR 

Kevin L. Allman 
Bryson City. NC 

Krisien Y. Antley 
Rowesvillc. SC 

Sheryl H. Arnetle 
Brevard, NC 

Elizabeth B. Autrey 
Charlotte, NC 

John I. Bachman 
Harlsville, SC 

84 rreshmen 

Pope L. Bagwell 
Conway. SC 

Chris G. Bailey 
LaGrange, GA 

Holly L. Bailey 
Pittsburgh, PA 

Mojdeh Bakhit 
Wilmington, NC 

Ann C. Bancroft 
Cocoa Beach, FL 

Cheryl A. Banky 
Summcrville, SC 

Jonathan P. Bass 
Fairburn, GA 

Eric L. Batson 
Greenville, SC 

Kimberly M. Behrendt 
Tampa, FL 

Eric W, Berg 
Kenbndge, VA 

Carol L. Besco 
Goose Creek, SC 

Heather L. Best 
Brevard, NC 

Freshmen 85 

Susan M. Bethel 
Miami, FL 

Pam S. Birkner 
Sarasota, FL 

David M. Blair 
McLeansville, NC 

Tom W. Blottman 
Charlotte, NC 

Jamie L. Borman 
Sarasota, FL 

Sarah R. Bostic 
Deiand, FL 

Diana R. Briggs 
Ladson, SC 

Mark R. Brown 
Lake Wylie, SC 

Laura K. Brophy 
Brandon, FL 

Kim D. Bucklew 
Orlando, FL 

J. Michelle Bunch 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 

Jason A. Burcham 
Greensboro, NC 

X6 Freshmen 

Thomas \1 C addcll 
Salisbury, N< 

Stephen A. Cain 
Commerce, OA 

C. Lynn Carnes 

Charlotte. NC 

Paul F. Carpenter 
Arden. NC 

Ann-Marie Cam 
Atlanta, GA 

Candace A. Carr 
Clearwater. FL 

Brian C. Cartland 
St. James, FL 

Mark H. Caskey 
Matthews, NC 

Elizabeth A. Chapman 
Rosman. NC 

Ray L. Chason 
Lake Toxaway, NC 

Jakob R. Christensen 
Atlanta, GA 

John Christiansen 
Bagsvaero. Denmark 

Freshmen 87 

Peggy A. Clayton 
Spartanburg, SC 

James A. Collins 
Coral Springs, FL 

Tadd W. Connor 
Greensboro, NC 

Bonnie D. Crawford 
Orangeburg, SC 

Thomas L. Crittenden 
Dunwoody. GA 

Bonnie L. Davis 
Sarasota, FL 

Patrick J. Davis 
Blacksburg, SC 

Ann E. Defenbaugh 
Toccoa. GA 

Steve J. DeGray 
Dix Hills, NY 

Rcnee A. Deiningcr 
Raleigh, NC 

Steve W. DcLong 
I.ongwood, FL 

Douglas S. Dclorcy 
St. Petersburg, FL 

88 Freshmen 

Rodnc) H Dcyton 
Burnsvillc, \( 

Kate I Disne) 
Atlanta, GA 

Richard W Docker^ 
Hickory, \( 

Peter Dreibhol/ 
Arden, NC 

Nancy E. Duncan 
Elkin, NC 

John R. Dzubay 

Durham, NC 

Ruthanne E. Earle 
New Port Richey. FL 

Heather M. Edgar 
Jupiler, FL 

Adrienne A. Elliot 
Augusta, GA 

Christine E. Faris 
Lake Toxaway, NC 

Graham Farris 
Wilmington, NC 

Michael R. Feagan 
Columbus. NC 

Freshmen 89 

Maria S. Ferguson 
Clyde, NC 

Thomas G. Ferguson 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Verna L. Ferrell 
Charlotte, NC 

Kimberly A. Fish 
Pisgah Forest, NC 

Donna G. Fisher 
Hornell, NY 

T. Michelle Fisher 
Lake Toxaway, NC 

Chip W. Flischel 
Englewood, FL 

Christine D. Fullerton 
Americus, GA 

Gregory L. Cambrel 
Danville, KY 

Lisa K. Gardner 
Winter Park. FL 

Rosemary Gardner 
Burlington, NC 

Gene Garlman 
Orangeburg, SC 

90 Freshmen 

Bulla Gayc 
Easl Point, GA 

Christopher A. Gilbert 
Winston Salem, NC 

Monica S. Gill 
Zolfo Springs, FL 

Susanna B. Gill 
Brussels, Belgium 

W. Kyle Glasgow 
Greensboro, NC 

Kimberly C. Goodsir 
Somers, NY 

Patricia A. Grabill 
Coral Springs, FL 

Seurette Gustave 
Miami, FL 

Eric L. Hammond 
Raleigh, NC 

Laura L. Hanna 
Winston Salem, NC 

Eric D. Hansen 
Summerville, SC 

Beth R. Harrell 
Savannah, GA 

Janeltc L. Harrell 
Raleigh, NC 

Natalie J. Harris 
Columbus, NC 

Mike D. Harrison 
Brentwood. TN 

Andrea L. Harvey 
Altamonle Springs, FL 

Catherine M. Ha>nie 
Si Petersburg, FL 

Margaret-Anne E. Hinkson 
Miami, FL 

Paul Holmes 
Longwood, FL 

Christopher F.- Hood 
Charlotte, NC 

92 Freshmen 

John K I lumphrcj 
W righlsvillc Beach, N< 

Fusako Ikeda 
Shizuoka, Japan 

John A. Ingani 
Marshville, NC 

Ryuichi Ishikawa 
Saitama, Japan 

Shellej \ Ivej 
Lake City, GA 

Terrie A. Jackson 
Rivcrdalc. GA 

Lisa A. Jenkins 
Wilmington. NC 

Stacy H. Jennings 
Pisgah Forest, NC 

Shannon N. Johnson 
Roanoke Rapids, NC 

Tom M. Johnson 

Woodbridge, VA 

William R. Johnson 
Brentwood, TN 

Melissa A. Jones 
Gastonia, NC 

Freshmen 93 

Tammi L. Jones 
Miami, FL 

Sean M. Juman-Singh 
Greensboro, NC 

J. Marc Kaufholz 
Winston Salem, NC 

Anne W. Kavanaugh 
Atlanta, GA 

K- Gene Keenum 
Cary, NC 

Tracey L. Kirkpatrick 
Lexington, VA 

Tammy D. Kitchen 
Hendersonville, NC 

Jeffrey M. Krieger 
Altamonle Springs. FL 

Daiguku Kuwahara 
Tokushima, Japan 

P. Shawn Lackey 
Greenville, SC 

94 Freshmen 

Michael A I add.i 
I i I audcrdatc, II 

Elizabeth A Lance 
Ellen wood, GA 

Brantlej S I anier 
Gastonia, NC 

Andrew B. Lankford 
Ridgecrest, NC 

George O. Lawrence 
Penrose, NC 

Ace L. Lebo 
Tucker, GA 

Kurt L. Ledbetter 
Pisgah Forest, NC 

Archie L. LeGrone 
Charlotte, NC 

James C. Lentz 
Lewisville, NC 

John C. Lilac 
Jonesboro, GA 

Matt A. Lillibridge 
Lutz, FL 

Frances R. Linebergcr 
Charlotte, NC 

Freshmen 95 

Brenda G Liscnbcc 
Ardcn, NC 

Cathy A. Lisk 
Lenoir. NC 

Ann E. Lister 
Allamonte Springs, FL 

William M. Little 
Thomasville, NC 

John W. Long 
Gastonia, NC 

John R. Luka 
N. Miami Beach, FL 

Roberta B. MacDonald 
Miami, FL 

John A. Machate 
Pisgah Forest, NC 

Michelle A. Martin 
Pinellas Park. FL 

Scott M McClcllan 
Atlanta, GA 

Pamela A. McComas 
Goulds, FL 

Jeff McCormick 
Chapel Hill, NC 

96 Freshmen 

Judy A. McDavid 


lake Cii>, 1 1 

/^. 3b , 

James 1 McDonnell 


Jupiler. II 

m&* wflB 

Kimberly A. McGinnis 

Pleasant Garden, NC 

^r^ A __ 1 

Ih< ^ / 

^f V 


■m- \\ . <** . wot* 

Phil G. McGirt 

Lexington, NC 

tf^^l '. t 

Amy L. McKeehan 

Knoxville, TN 

Jennifer K. McKenna 

Charlotte, NC 

Richard W. Meek 
Miami, FL 

Jason R. Miele 
St. Petersburg, FL 

M. Shane Milling 
Easley. SC 

Lindberg Moody 
Rock Hill, SC 

Mark A. Moore 
Woodstock, GA 

Wendell D. Moss 
Brevard, NC 

Freshmen 97 


Denis W. Moulton 
Charlotte, NC 

Tom R. Mundt 
Carmel. IN 

Keiko Mural 
Shizuoka, Japan 

Arlcne Musick 

Deborah L. Nahikian 
Edgewater, FL 

Cyrus B. Nasseri 

Riehlands, VA 

Susan A. Nassif 
Chapel Hill, NC 

James C. Nelson 
Cave Spring, GA 

Kimberly J. Nelson 
Coral Springs, FL 

Timothy M. Nelson 
Winston Salem, NC 

William E. Nicholson 
Tallahassee, FL 

Tern R. Noel 
Conyers, GA 

98 Freshmen 


W illiam L. N orris 

Thomasvillc. NC 

David C. Novak 
Blacksburg. VA 

G. Hank Nusloch 
Wilton, CT 

Marci-Lvnn O'Connor 
Norfolk. VA 

Hiroe Oda 

Chiba. Japan 

Elizabeth M. Oliver 
Orlando. FL 

Amy L- Ostendorf 
Raleigh. NC 

Thomas F. Overstreet 
Tallahassee, FL 

Barbara L. Owens 
Goldsboro. NC 

Gene T. Ownbey 
Etowah. NC 

Kristin A. Pappas 
Greensboro, NC 

Thomas H. Parker 
Blacksburg, VA 

Freshmen 99 


Mark T. Parks 
Saluda, SC 

Leonardo A. Paula 
Winston Salem. NC 

Francisco L. Perez 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 

Chris W. Peterson 
Charlotte. NC 

Lori L. Peterson 
Northeast, MD 

Tony A- Plemmons 
Bryson City, NC 

Jeff W. Poprik 
Fayetteville, NC 

Melissa A. Poston 
Hemingway, SC 

100 Freshmen 

Anne-Mane Presslcr 
Orlando. FL 

Michael J. Presslcy 
Charlotte, NC 

Kelly M. Price 
Greensboro, NC 

Thomas D. Pugh 
Orlando, FL 

David K. Puig 
Marco Island, FL 

Martin L. Purser 
Jamestown, NC 

Kirsten L. Reed 
Greensboro, NC 

Richard K. Reed 
Balsam Grove, NC 

Tracey L. Rhodes 
Brevard, NC 

Jeff O. Rice 
Brevard, NC 

Mary E. Rice 
Marshall, NC 

L. Renee Robinson 
Cherokee, NC 

Vi MA 

Freshmen 101 


Milisa A. Robinson 
Cantonment, FL 

Sandra M. Rogers 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Karen M. Rolando 
Mission Viejo, CA 

Andrea N. Ross 
Charlotte, NC 

Buck E. Rowlee 
Fayetteville, NC 

Rebecca L. Russ 
Pelzer, SC 

Andre R. Sanders 
San ford, FL 

Martha E. Sanders 
Rosman, NC 

Yoshiko Sato 
Chiba, Japan 

Emily E. Scheviak 
Asheville, NC 

Christopher V. Schryver 
Naples, FL 

Holly J Schukoske 
Panama City, FL 

102 Freshmen 

Si.iccv I Selph 
Zolfia Springs, II 

Brian A. Sewell 
Brandon, II. 

Linda M. Shaw 
Ashcvillc, NC 

Catherine C. Shearin 
Clemson. SC 

Markus Siebmann 
Longwood, FL 

Bari M. Siegall 
Pompano Beach, FL 

Caroline M. Simmons 
Rockledge, FL 

Suzanne M. Slade 
Hendersonville, NC 

Bradley T. Smith 
Marietta, GA 

Jennifer S. Smith 
Greenwood. SC 

Sylvia L. Smith 
Brevard, NC 

Charles J. Snider 
Charlotte, NC 

Freshmen 103 

Diane M. Spechl 
Crcstview, FL 

Laura L. Sproat 
Valrico, FL 

Yong C. Song 
Carrollton, TX 

Erik M. Steele 
Woodbridge, VA 

Elizabeth B. Steffen 
Knoxville, TN 

Pam D- Stevenson 
Bryson City, NC 

Terri D. Stone 
Swannanoa, NC 

Scott R. Stonefield 
Cary, NC 

Carol M- Stoppelbein 
Elkton, FL 

Jackie R. Strickland 
Florence, SC 

Clark C. Stuck 
Chapel Hill, NC 

Robert M. Sydnor 
Ashland. VA 

*m v| 

104 Freshmen 

Yuka Tachibana 

Send. 11. Japan 

Shannon I Tallon 
Durham, \( 

Lisa M Taylor 
Cocoa Beach. FL 

Wend) Taylor 

Jupiter, FL 

James W, Teer 
High Point. \C 

D. Kent Thompson 
Charlotte, NC 

Skip E. Thompson 
Prospect. KY 

Lois J. Tsianiklides 
Forest Cit>, NC 

Lisa M. Tudor 
Largo, FL 

Ann E. VanKampen 
Stunevani. W| 

Necole A. Voyles 
Orange Park. FL 

Diana M. Vuoso 
Naples, FL 

Freshmen 105 

W ilium J. Walkowiak 
Gastonu. NC 

Elizabeth A Wall 

Pisgah Forest. NC 

Suzanne M. Wall 
Marietta, GA 

John T. Walthall 
Huntsville, AL 

Angela K. Watklns 
Fletcher, NC 

Darren W. Watts 
Gastonia. NC 

Leslie C. Webb 
Stanley. NC 

J Mark Weeklcy 
Belmont, NC 

Dawn R. Weideman 
Weaverville, NC 

Dawn W. Wetherbec 
Albany, GA 

Timothy E. White 
Cedar Bluff, VA 

Kimberly D. Whitmirc 
Brevard, NC 

106 Freshmen 

Bill) (, Wilkie 

Atlanta. GA 

Heidi I) Williams 
Hendersonville, NC 

Lcc-Annc Williams 
Albemarle. NC 

Nance S. Wilson 
Sumter. SC 

VH end\ G. Wood 
Pompano Beach. FL 

Gary R.Woods 
Hicicon. NC 

Lesley M. Wornom 
Sanford. NC 

Alison M. Wright 
Altamonte Springs. FL 

Graydon P. Young 
Kannapolis. NC 

Keith M. Young 
Altamonte Springs. FL 

Joan YL Yourkoski 
Pinellas Park. FL 

Eric V. Zimmerman 
Longwood, FL 

Freshmen 107 

B.C.: Filled With Concentration 
And Laughter 

1 . Mr. Jackson's English 100 class sweats out a test. 

2. Peggy Clayton gets stuck on a particularly tough 
question. 3. Voila the "Legion of Doom," " alias the 
East Beam football team. 4. Jackie Jasper and Lucy 
Notestinc enjoy a pleasant Brevard evening. 5. Kim 
Greeson (bottom left) wants to know how she ended 
up on the bottom. 

108 Classes 

Jn Mcmoriam 

Zammy Monique Walton 
July 26, 1967 — November 1, 7985 

There's so much now I cannot see, 
My eyesight's far too dim; 

But come what may, I'll simply trust 
And leave it all to Him. 

— Unknown 

Memorial 109 



New Leadership Takes Over 

Former President of Andrew College in Cuthbert, Georgia, Dr. 
William Greer Jr. was officially appointed President at Brevard 
on September 1, 1985. Dr. Greer, 43, is a native of Tifton, 
Georgia. He and his wife, Fann. have three sons — William, 
Robert, and David. Greer's prospective projects include recon- 
structing the art building, adding a new dorm, and building a new 
chapel. Dr. Greer says, "I am only observing now; 1 am too new to 
know what kind of changes Brevard College needs." Dr. Greer 
enjoys coming to work every day and hopes to achieve a good 
relationship with the students. 

'*l enjoy being out with the students." 


12 President 

At the Faculty Dinner Dr. Greer reveals what Mr. Fisher 
caught him wearing at their first encounter. 

y*> • ^ 

"The most important thing that takes place on this campus is what 
happens in the classroom between a teacher and a student." 

President 113 


Congratulations President Wray! 

On November 21, 1985, the trustees of An- 
drew College in Cuthbert, Georgia, officially 
named Dr. Morris Wray as their new president. 
In an unusual turn of events, Brevard College 
took Andrew College's former president, Dr. 
Billy Greer, and gave Andrew College Brevard's 
own Dean Wray. The appointment wasn't quite 
that coincidental considering the fact that Dr. 
Wary originally came to Brevard from Andrew 
College eight years ago. When Dr. Wray left 
Brevard, immediately after receiving his ap- 
pointment. Dr. Charles Teague became Acting 
Dean while the President and an advisory com- 
mittee of faculty members began the search for 
a new dean, whom they hoped to name some- 
time in the spring. While Dr. Wray is now Presi- 
dent Wray. he will always be fondly remem- 
bered as Dean Wray by the many people who 
knew him while Brevard College was his home. 

i 14 Administration 

Acting Dean Tenguc is not cine to panic under pressure 


n T. Greer 

Morris G. Wraj 

Dean of the College 
Don \ Scarborough 

Dean of Student Affairs 
David Wilson 

Dean of Admissions 
Priscilla C. Chamlee 
Special Services 

Beilj R. Choale 

Sec — Dean of Students 
Edwin K. Cunningham 

Financial Aid Administrator 
Ann S. Etters 

Director — Office Services 
Argylc Gasb 

Asst. Dir. Financial Affairs 
Sally S. Gunther 

Asst Dir. Instit. Adv. 

Elizabeth M. Hauk 

Dir. of Housing 
Bobby L. Hayes 

Dir. Financial Affairs 
Anita A. Hogan 

Mary M Houk 

Dir. Learning Resources 
Louise M. Kenerly 


Bonnie V. Koopman 

John C. Lefler 

Dir. Instit. Adv. 
Michael M. McCabe 

Lisanne J- Masterson 

Asst. to Financial Aid Admin. 
Doris E. Montgomery 

Purchasing Agent 

Sheila M. Morrow 

Sec — McLarty Goodson 
Bobbie Jean Nicholson 

Assoc. Dean of Student Dev. 
Martha T. Nolan 

Data Coord, for Admissions 
Dee Preston 

Sec. to Dir. of Instit. Adv. 
Kelly H. Raines 

Secretary/ Bookkeeper 

Cheryl M. Rich 

College Receptionist 
Bobbie Jean Whitmire 

Sec. — Moore Sci. Bldg. 

Administration 1 15 



The Turtle Man 

The Social Science division, headed by Mr. Ray Fisher, in- 
cludes courses in business, psychology, sociology, economics, po- 
litical science, and history. While all Brevard students are ac- 
quainted with the department, perhaps the most well-known 
member would be history and political science professor Peter 
Burger. Mr. Burger is known for his interesting methods of 
teaching which include witty sayings and props such as a bag of 
beans and especially turtles. The whole turtle approach began 
years ago when Mr. Burger's daughter was fascinated by turtles 
and he developed this same interest. Since the early 1970's Mr. 
Burger has collected turtle paraphernalia from ceramic turtles to 
turtle ties, and his turtles have survived many threats and assaults 
from the RLO (Rosman Liberation Organization) to become an 
unusual but effective method of getting students interested in 
history and political science. 

Social Science 117 



William C. Alexander 

William W. Brower 

Marsha Daman 

Biology At B.C. — Jamaican 

One of the most interesting courses offered by the Math 
and Science Division at Brevard is the Biology 289 field trip 
to Jamaica during the spring semester. Each spring divi- 
sion chairman Dr. Bill Brower takes a small group of stu- 
dents to Jamaica to study coral reefs and marine ecology 
During the week-long trip, students also have plenty of time 
to relax and sight-see in their exotic surroundings Thus 
this course is a great opportunity to learn and to have fun 
during Spring Break. Although the yearbook went to press 
before the trip was made, all the plans were in the works for 
another successful class. 

fix Malh/Scicncc 

Z Jmath/science 

Rachel C Daniels 


Robert R. Gleienei 

I heryl Hallowell 


Math/Science 119 

■— ■■ ^~" ""unmrmirr r 


Kenneth D Chamlce 

Charles F. Gibbons 
Religion/Campus Minister 

J. Bclton Hammond 

Charles P. Teague 

Meredith Walker 

Clara C. Wood 

Students Teach Each Other In Ethics 

The Humanities Division, headed by Dr. Clara Wood, offers 
many interesting courses in English, foreign languages, religion, 
and philosophy. One course in the philosophy department offers 
students the chance to teach the class themselves for pan of the 
semester. The teacher of the course, Preston Woodruff, describes 
it as follows: "Abortion, the death penalty, the presence of pover- 
ty in a land of wealth — questions like these are perennial in the 
study of ethics, the investigation of values. The ethics course at 
Brevard College meets every semester to raise issues like these, 
to study the ideals of ethical philosophers from the past and 
present, and, most importantly, to enable students to arrive at 
their own conclusions about the values in their own lives." 

Humanities 121 


VAX Land 

The Computer Science department is in its sec- 
ond year at Brevard College. It is headed up this 
year by Dr. Wetmore, who arrived in June from St. 
Andrews College in Laurinburg, N.C. Dr. Wet- 
more has two main goals in mind for the academic 
year of 1985-86: first, to assimilate the computer 
into all aspects of the Brevard curriculum and sec- 
ond, to build up the faculty. Dr. Wetmore already 
has the building blocks for this second task with 
new faculty members Mr. Sherrod and Mr. Moore. 
Brevard College is continually upgrading its com- 
puter system, which is accessible to all students and 

122 ( ompuk'r Science 

* Z^ 


Donald < Shcppard 
Computer Science 

l Omputer Science Rl 

David Weimore 
Computer Science 

1 . Winston Brown decides to tr> pressing this key. 2. Jose Joubert wonders what he's done wrons 
now 3. The computer can create its own sunshine. 4. Dr. Truesdale gives Alyse Hollingswonh a 
mature look as she confirms the popular opinion that computer people are crazy. 

Computer Science 123 



While most of the Brevard College community has had 
the privilege of being entertained by the music department's 
programs in Dunham and elsewhere, very few people realize 
that another type of fine arts program is presented con- 
stantly in the Coltrane Art Building. Most students who 
have not taken art classes have probably never been in this 
building at all, and the same situation is probably true for 
some of the faculty and other members of the community. 
However, the art building is always open to people who 
would like to browse through the displays of student work. 
At times some of the art instructors, such as Tim Murray 
and Cherl Harrison, also display their work for the public. 
The art building exists not just for the artists: it is there for 
everyone to enjoy. 

I. Using ordinary spray paint, Chris 

Reynolds puts the final touches on a 

project. 2. Eric Chalmers works on an 

unusual design which can be duplicated 

from the surface it is painted on for a 

special effect. 

124 Fine wis 


Joseph w. Jackson 
Music/Theatre Am 

Sicvcn N. Kelly 
Music/ RT 

Timothy G. Murray 

Deborah W. Rankin 

Patricia L. Robinson 

Anthony G. Sirianni 

G. Larry Whatley 

Fine Arts 125 


I. Hcnning Brandt and Shannon Talton work on perfecting their form 2 
Linda Davis and Drew Ciriot seem to be getting the hang of it in Mr. Fisher's 
social dance class. 3. Ballet instructor Nancy Ballanger demonstrates the 
proper technique. 4. Craig Mays is ready to move up in the world 5 Eric 
Hansen has this rock under control. 6. Aerobics are healthy and fun keep 
telling yourself that! 

David Rinkcr 

Women's Ir.ick/CC. Coach 

David Taylor 

\ssl Soccer Coach/RT 

P.E. Dept. Offers 
Diversified Activities 

P.E. in high school usually meant spending a couple 
of weeks on one activity performed either in the gym 
or on the playing field and then moving on to other 
limited activities which had to be mastered quickly. 
At Brevard College, students can make their own 
choice from over twenty activities. Also, students 
have a whole semester in most cases to enjoy and 
master the activity they have chosen. Brevard offers 
courses in such varied areas as rock-climbing and 
skiing. This year the college added two new courses, 
outdoor education in the fall and canoeing in the 
spring. So P.E. at Brevard isn't just "gym period": it's 
a chance to exercise, earn credit, and practice skills in 
an activity that a person may enjoy for life. 

Physical Ed 

127 J 

Support Staff 

Resident Tutors 

1. Belt\ Hauk. Steve Kelly. Jerry Sherrod. 
Dave Rinker, Nancy Williams, 2. Dave 
Taylor, Walt Kucnt/cl, Julie Johnson 

Cafeteria Staff 

From Ron Cathj Brewer, Lisa Price, 
Violet Allison. ( arol Corn. Barbara Ba- 
ker. Jeanelte (urn: Second Row: [-d Da- 
vis. Annie Griffin. Sheila tames. Maude 
Norwood, I cigh McCall, Peggy Arnold: 
Third Kou: Raj Floyd, Chris Norwood, 
Henry Kendall, Dana Norwood. Charles 
Harris, Troy Smith. Keith Gillespie, Tom- 
m) Cain, Steffbn (iash: Nol pictured: 
Yvonne Mingus 


David Boyd 
Talmadgc Phillips 
Gu\ Jams 


Front Ron Harold Nelson, Guy Jams. 
V.C. Stiles. Harry Patterson: Second 
Run. Sandy Shcpard. Jack Hamlin, Bud- 
dy Jarvis; Third Ron: Lavcrn Goldsmith. 
Mark Walker. David Borden. Reid Plem- 

Support Staff 12° 






1. Annie Fisher is having fun at Circle K's 

initiation meeting. 2. Christine Washburn's 

mother, a native of Austria, chats with Ursula 

Brammer and her husband at a German Club 

meeting. 3. Members of SAND — Students 

Against Nuclear Destruction — and supporters 

made a good showing at the candlelight vigil 

during the peace talks. 

1.12 Organizations 

... ..._.".' 


1 . Ryuichi Ish.kawa sings a popular Japanese song to Travel Club members and guests. 2. Madame 
LeStrange shows French Club members the Arch of Triumph in Paris. 3. Realizing he's late for a yearbook 
deadline and he faces the wrath of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Scott Stonefield becomes desperate. 


1. Dr. Greer tries out for a free dinner sponsored 
by the Tornado club during halftime. 2. Mrs. 

Jackson is held spellbound by the camera during 

the first Pertelote meeting. 3. New members take 

the pledge at PTK's fall induction ceremony. 

134 Organizations 


I. Keiko Murai and Yoshiko Sato demonstrate a Japanese Green Tea ceremony for the Travel 
i Club. 2. D'linda Patterson notices that there are Jalapeno peppers in her snack at the Spanish 
Club's Christmas Party. 3. Melanie Wilson and Lori Dugger guard the cake at the PTK reception 
for new members. 

Organizations 135 

Student Government Association 

The core of the student government 
association at Brevard College is made 
up of the president, the vice-president, 
and the two freshmen representatives 
from each dorm and from the day stu- 
dents. The dorm presidents are auto- 
matically part of the Social Board 
branch of the SGA while the dorm 
presidents are on the Judicial Board. 
Anyone else who wants to participate 
can be a part of the SGA. The SGA 
President for 1985-1986 was Henning 
Brandt, the Social Board Vice-Presi- 
dent was Chuck Shelf, and the Judicial 
Board Vice-President was Brian Cook. 

First Row. John Christiansen, Gordon Murray, Darren Watts, Ace Lebo, Heather Chamberlain, Michelle 
Bunch, David Mays, Jennifer Phillipoff; Second Row: David Blaesing. Laura Brophy, Cindy Raincy, Page 
Clark, Carmen Nelon, Tom Johnson; Third Row: Nance Wilson, Debbie Nahikian, Chris Rodgers, Linda 
Davis, Sylvia Smith, Polly Balsley, Jamie Specht, Buck Rowlee; Fourth Row: Joe Mingo, Brian Cook, Rick 
Edwards, Richard Meek, Paul Snedikcr, Chuck Shelf, Sheri Austin, David Huskins. Not Pictured: 
Henning Brandt. Skip Thompson. Erik Chalmers, Heather Edgar, Susan Seymour, Melissa Poston, Jim 
Knapp, Donna Howard. 

SGA President Henning Brandt goes undercover to check out the new First Family of Brevard College and finds Mrs. Greer 
in disguise too. 

Ith S(, \ 

Social And Judicial Boards 

Social Board. First Row: Chuck Shelf, Cindy Rainey, Jennifer Phillipoff, Jamie Specht: Second Row: 
Chris Rodgers, Linda Davis, Rick Edwards, Paul Snediker. 

The Social Board, which is responsi- 
ble for setting up social activities for 
Brevard College Students, put out a full 
calendar of events in the fall semester 
which included some new activities 
such as music videos in the Student 
Union and special nights in the cafete- 
ria with live entertainment and games 
like Bingo. With the renovations of the 
Student Union which began in the fall 
of 1985, the Social Board planned to 
make more use of this building for stu- 
dent activities. The Judical Board of 
1985-86 continued its job of hearing 
cases and appeals concerning violations 
of the Uniform Guidelines. 

Judicial Board: First Ron: Gordon Murray. Nancy Williams. Carmen Nelon. David Huskins, Dave 
Rinker; Second Ron: Julie Johnson, Belly Hauk. David Mays. Polly Balsley, Donna Howard; Third 
Row: Joe Mingo. Page Clark, Brian Cook. David Taylor. 

SCA 137 

Resident Assistants 

The Resident Assistants are sophomores 

who are selected by Betty Hauk on the 

basis of leadership ability and references 

from facultv members. Each R.A. acts as a 

link between the Resident Tutors and the 

students on the hall. R.A."s also participate 

in a peer counseling course each semester 

to help them work more effectively with the 

people in their dorms. This year's R.A.'s 

From Row: Lori Sheldt, Mark Penninger, 

Kim Layman, Day Parker. Marta Cedeno, 

Miss) Hudson. Rodney Marett. Robin 

Barrett. Gerg Strowd, Silvia Alvarez, Barry 

Hendren. Wayne Cooke. David Mays; 

Second Row: Evelyn Jacobs — Chairman, 

Frank Troulman, Cindy Rainey, Lori 

Dugger. Mike Macomber, Kathy Scogin. 

Brian Cook. Mike Pittman, Rick Edwards; 

Not Pictured: Greg Cook, Mills Snowden 

Big Sisters/Mentors 

The Mentors and Big Sisters, sponsored by 

Nancy Williams, help freshmen at the 

beginning of the school year with moving 

in, orientation, and just getting settled in at 

Brevard. The members, led by Annie Fisher 

and Pete Bellanger, attended two days of 

workshops and made posters for each dorm 

before the fall semester began. They also 

visited their "little sisters and brothers" on 

a regular schedule for one month. 

Members: Front Row: Kim Scott. Mike 

Tamada, Judy Fowler, Greg Strowd, 

Rcbekah Carpenter. D'linda Patterson, 

Christy Hallas. Robin Harper; Second Row: 

Donna Howard, Annie Fisher. Lynne 

Campbell. Linda Davis. Lori Vogel, Angela 

Hills, Jayne Murray 

138 Organizations 


The Student Ambassadors aid the 
Brevard College Admissions Office in 
recruiting prospective students. The group's 
primarv function is to lead tours around the 
campus on Visitation Da\s as well as when 
individual students and their parents drop 
by so as to give a student's perspective on 
the advantages of Brevard College. 
Members of the 1985-86 Student 
Ambassadors: Front Row: Albert Hong. 
Leca Chapman. Susan Seymour. Carmen 
Nelon. Shane Gunderson. Audra Stout, 
April Filkins. Julie Stewart; Second Ron: 
Linda Davis. Robin Barrett. Annie Fisher. 
Jennifer Phillipoff; Third Row: D'linda 
Patterson. Drew Ciriot, Chuck Shelf, 
Ashlyn Lassiter. Lori Dugger. Donna 
Howard. Not pictured: Ellen Forbes. 


Phi Theta Kappa 

The Delta Pi chapter of Phi Theta 
Kappa, the National Junior College Honor 
Society, started off the year with their 
semi-annual used textbook sale. Other fall 
activities included one of Lwo \earl\ 
candlelight induction ceremonies, an alumni 
brunch at Homecoming, and a rummage 
sale. Plans for the spring semester included 
a proposed Seminar Day during which 
faculty and prominent invited guests would 
address this year's PTK honor's theme: 
"Ethics and Today's Media: An 
Endangered Alliance?" Members as of fall 
1985: Front Row: Melanie Wilson: Lori 
Dugger; Polly Balsley; Dannielle Landry. 
Campus Sec: Lori Sheldt; Mari Tosaka; 
Angela Williams; Junko Nagaoka: Permeco 
Myers; Second Row: Carla Ulbrich. Pres.; 
Ted Wollstein; Rebekah Carpenter; Yasuko 
Nishikawa; David May. Corresponding 
Sec.; Myranda Wilcox: Heather Kivett; 
Brian Cook; Kathy Scogin. Vice-Pres.; 
Evan St. John; Ellen Forbes: Rick 
Chamberlin; Susan Currin; Letilia Eason; 
Kim Ormand: Angela Hills; Meredith 
Walker. Adi. 

Organizations 139 



The Pcnelole. advised by Joyce Jackson, 

grew from a slaff of about eight people last 

year to over sixteen active members this 

year The staff also made progress, with the 

help of Dr. Welmore who created a 

program, by learning to type copy on the 

personal computers, thereby saving time 

and reducing errors. The name of the 

yearbook comes from a character in 

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and 

corresponds with the name of the yearbook 

at Duke University (sometimes called 

Brevard's sister school because of their 

Methodist ties), the Chamicleer. Members: 

Andrea Ross; Ramona Carpio: Christopher 

Rodgers. Missy Robinson; Cathy Lisk; 

David Robinson; Anne Lauzon; Mcndy 

Johnson; Kathy Scogin, Editor; Mrs. 

Jackson. Bari Siegall; Above: Larry 

Edwards, Editor; Scott Stonefield; Gene 

Keenum; Not Pictured: Charlie Blythe, 

Ashlyn Lassiter 


The Clarion, advised by Ken Chamlee. 

took some new directions this year as 

Editor Kim Ormand reorganized 

assignments and created a more distinct 

and outspoken editorial voice. The letters to 

the editor were also improved this year 

because of more participation by students 

and faculty. Members: Ken Chamlee. 

Ramona Carpio, Kirsten Reed. Kim 

Ormand. Elizabeth Oliver. Buck Rowlee, 

Rcnec Deininger, Michelle Martin; Not 

Pictured: Assistant Editor Bonnie Davis, 

Anne-Marie Pressler. Heather Kivett. David 

Mays. Chris Crowder. Lora Sobotka 

140 Organizations 

Kappa Chi 

Kappa Chi is a nondenominational 
religious organization sponsored by the 
Campus Minister. Charlie Gibbons. Some 
of their fall activities included an overnight 
retreat to an old farm outside Brevard and 
sponsoring the Thanksgiving Dinner in 
honor of President Greer They kicked off 
the spring semester with a trip to Bill 
Stanley's in Asheville for bluegrass and 
barbeque. They also had several projects for 
Religious Emphasis Week after Easter, 
including the Staley Lectures, a special 
Coffeehouse, and meetings in the dorms. 
Members: Front Row: Nancy Duncan; 
Andrea Braymiller; Barbara Owen; Steve 
Wells. President: Natalie Harris; Wendy 
Wood; Second Row: Erick Kroll; Rebekah 
Carpenter.Co-Vice-Pres.; Kellie Shirley; 
Third Row: Leo Pauca; Debbie Nahikian; 
Peggy Clayton; Linda Davis. Co-Vice-Pres.; 
Jon Slate; Ron Mashburn; Kevin Kinton; 
Missy Robinson 


The Christian Student Fellowship seeks to 
meet the spiritual, social, and emotional 
needs on the Brevard College Campus 
through weekly meetings, social activities, 
outreach projects, bible study, and 
interaction with students from other 
colleges. Activities includes Hayrides, 
picnics. Lock-ins. Study Breaks, retreats. 
Monday night Bible Study, and summer 
mission work. Members: Front Row: 
Richard North. Devotion Chairman: 
Stephen Wells. Outreach Chairman: 
Rebekah Carpenter, President; Ronnie 
Buell. Outreach Chairman; Second Row 
Tom Parker, Donna Howard, Tammi Jones, 
Melanie Wilson, Catherine Magruder, Kim 
Behrendt, Kerry Matsumoto. Angela 
Williams, Kellie Shirley, Kim Medlin; 
Third Row: Mrs Barbara Smart, Caroline 
Bailey. Mark Parks. Jon Slate. Eric 
Hansen, Leo Pauca. David Robinson, 
Natalie Harris. Eric Batson 

Organizations 141 

Circle K 

Circle K.. sponsored by Walt 

Kuentzel. is a community service 

organization affiliated with the 

Kiwanis Club. Some of its 

activities this year included 

sponsoring the Red Cross Blood 

Drive and the Halloween Haunted 

House and helping with the 

Brevard Christmas Parade. 

Members: Front Row: Shane 

Gunderson. Treasurer; Judy 

Flower, President; Day Parker; 

Julie Stewart; Second Row: Annie 

Fisher; Christy Hallas; Kathy 

Badal: Linda Martinez; Donna 

Howard, Vice-President; Charlie 

Blythe; Nor Pictured: Donna 

Schooling, Secretary 

Tornado Club 

The Tornado Club, sponsored by 

Guy Payne, came up with several 

activities this year to show support 

for Brevard Collegers 

intercollegiate teams. Some of 

their regular activities were making 

posters and selling concessions. 

They also had some special 

activities such as a party for the 

championship cross-country teams, 

cakes for the soccer teams at 

Parents' Weekend, and halftime 

activities which included contests 

for prizes. Members: Front Row: 

Andrea Ross; Seurette Gustave; 

Bethe Lasater, Secretary; Robin 

Barrett, Vice-President; Lora 

Sobotka; Second Row: Natalie 

Harris, Cathy Lisk; Barbara 

Owens; Ramona Carpio, President; 

Guy Payne, Advisor 

142 Organizations 

Day Students 

The Day Students' Organization 
is composed of the day students 
who have formed a unit to 
participate in campus activities 
such as Derby Day and 
Homecoming in the same way that 
a dorm would. They also elect 
representatives to SGA. who were 
Sylvia Smith and David Blaesing 
this year. Members: Front Row: 
Michelle Fisher. Donna Schooling, 
Heidi Williams, Brenda Lisenbee, 
Sylvia Smith; Second Row: David 
Blaesing, Mark Furnari, Stacy 

Outdoor Club 

A new club on campus this year 
is the Outdoor Club which is 
sponsored by Taylor R.T. and 
Outdoor Education instructor Walt 
Kuentzel. This club and the 
corresponding class provide 
students with a recreational outlet 
and expose the students to many- 
skills such as hiking, rafting, 
skiing, camping, and mountain 
climbing. Early in the fall semester 
the students had already been on 
two rafting trips down the 
Nantahala and a hiking trip in 
Tuckasegee Gorge, and there were 
several other outings in the works. 
Members: Front Row: Dr. 
Wetmore, Linda Shaw, Janette 
Harrell, Andrea Ross, Shane 
Milling, Kathy Deleon; Second 
Row: Monica Gill, Trent Williams, 
Eric Hansen. Walt Kuentzel, Rick 
Edwards, Barry Hendren, Michelle 
Martin, Lawson Walston 

Organizations 143 

Spanish Club 

The Spanish Club, under the 

sponsorship of Maria Ashbrook, 

studies all aspects of Hispanic 

culture. One of the Club's most 

successful and enjoyable activities 

is the annual Christmas Dinner. 

The Spanish Club's most exciting 

plan for this year is a proposed 

trip to France and Spain with the 

French Club. Members of the 

Club: Front Row: Silvia Alvarez, 

Susan Seymour, Donna Howard, 

Kathy Deleon, Heather Kivitt, 

Seurette Gustave, Roudie Gustave, 

Permeco Myers; Second Row: 

Greg Strowd, Maria Ashbrook, 

Yong Song, Cathy Lisk, Lora 

Sobotka, Chris Crowder. 

French Club 

The goals of the French Club 

this year are to enrich each 

member's contact with the French 

language and culture. At the first 

meeting, Laurent Augier, a native 

of France, showed slides of his 

hometown, Paris. The French 

Club's activities include French 

dinners and movies. Members of 

the club: Diana Briggs, Hilda 

Hardin, Dawn Weideman, Laurent 

Augier, Ethel LeStrangc, Sandy 

Rogers, Karla Koenig, Susan 

Nassif, Roudie Gustave, Linda 

Davis, Andrea Braymillcr, Suzanne 


144 Ofgfl ni Zfll ions 

German Club 

The German Club, sponsored by 
Mrs. Ursula Brammer, serves to 
acquaint students with the culture 
of German-speaking countries 
including Austria, Switzerland,and 
South Tyrol of Italy. Some of their 
activities include having guest 
speaker from these countries, 
watching films on these countries, 
and enjoying native songs and 
food. Members of the club: Front 
Row: Ursula Brammer, Sponsor; 
Jamie Specht; Donna Schooling, 
Program Committee Chairman; 
Day Parker; Christine Washburn, 
President; Tracey Kirkpatrick. 
Second Row: Julie Perkins; 
Henning Brandt; Mark Furnari, 
Vice-President; Jeff New; 
Michelle Martin; John Christiansen 

Travel Club 

The Travel Club, directed by 
Dr. Will Dunstan, tries to expose 
its members to the cultures and 
customs of a wide variety of 
countries through various 
informative presentations. For 
example, the Japanese students in 
the club presented a Japanese Tea 
Ceremony. Members of the club: 
Front Row: Kerry Matsumoto, 
International Consultant; Christine 
Washburn, Vice-President; Day 
Parker, Secretary-Treasurer; Drew 
Ciriot, Executive Transportation 
Coordinator; Greg Strowd, 
President; Silvia Alvarez, Program 
Coordinator; Susan Seymour; 
Carmen Nelon, Publicity 
Chairperson; Second Row: Jason 
Burcham, Mike Harrison, Jon 
Kiefer, Albert Hong, Dr. Dunstan, 
Kathy Deleon, Kevin Kampmeyer, 
Ryuichi Ishikawa, Third Row: 
Peter Driebholz, Todd Smith, 
Richard Meek, William Johnson, 
Mark Furnari, Marci O'Connor, 
John Christiansen 

Organizations 145 

International Club 

The International Students' 

Organization, a new group on 

campus this year, served to help 

familiarize foreign students with 

American customs. Sponsored by 

Nancy Williams with assistance 

from ESL instructor Meredith 

Walker, the group helped its 

members become acquainted with 

each other and with American 

traditions such as Halloween. 

Members: Front Row: Kaoru 

(Kerry) Matsumoto, Yoshiko 

(Elica) Sato, Junko Nagaoka, 

Seurette Gustave, Fusako Ikeda, 

Roudie Gustave, Yasuko 

Nishikawa, Keiko Murai; Secona 

Row: Ryuichi (Lou) Ishikawa, 

Mojdeh Bakhit, Balla Gaye, Jose 

Joubert, Yong Song, Masa Yuki, 

John Christiansen, Hiroe Oda; Nor 

pictured: Laurent Augier 


Another new group this year, 

Students Against Nuclear 

Destruction, formed under the 

advisorship of Preston Woodruff in 

order to raise campus awareness of 

the threat of nuclear war. The 

group met every other week for 

programs with videotapes or guest 

speakers. On November 19, 1985, 

at 7:30 p.m., the group held a 

candlelight vigil at the front gate 

of the College to commemorate 

the Geneva Summit talks between 

President Ronald Reagan and 

Soviet President Mikhail 

Gorbechev. Members: Front Row: 

Renee Giradeau, Kim Ormand, 

Herb Walters (speaker); Second 

Row: Shannon Talton, Lorie 

Peterson, Drew Ciriot, Richard 

Myers, Heather Kivett, Preston 

Woodruff; Not pictured: Chris 

Crowder, Lora Sobotka, David 

Mays, James Keirstead 

146 Organizations 

Jazz Band 

The Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of 
Sieve Kelly, gave several entertaining programs 
during the school year including a rendition of 
"The Benny Goodman Years" for Parents* 
Weekend- Members; Saxophones: Patrick 
Davis, Maria Williams, Jon Milner. Wendy 
Taylor, Van Whitmire; Trumpets: Beth Hall. 
Kyle Glasgow, Brian Sewell, Mark Parks, 
Shawn Lackey; Trombones: Andy Lankford, 
Archie LeGrone, Jon Slate, Alex Sloop, Robert 
Sydnor; Tuba: John Ingani; Piano: David 
Moody; Guitar: John Seagle; Bass Guitar: 
Greg Corn; Percussion: Chuck Shelf, Marc 

Concert Band 

The Concert Band, also directed by Steve 
Kelly, gave performances that included a 
Concert in the Park early in the fall and the 
traditional Christmas Concert. Members: Amie 
Harris. Robin Barrett, James Collins, Marc 
Conner, Greg Corn, Patrick Davis, Cameron 
DeBrew, Sandy Dedrick, Ann Defenbaugh. 
Heather Edgar, Kyle Glasgow, Natalie Harris. 
Farris Hodo. David Huskins, John Ingani. 
Mendy Johnson. Tammi Jones, James 
Keirstead. Shawn Lackey. Andy Landford, 
George Lawrence, ARchie LeGrone, Jon 
Milner, Cyrus Nasseri, Mark Parks, Julie 
Perkins. Mike Pressley, David Robinson. Scott 
Sattenfield, Brian Sewall, Lori Sheldt, Chuck 
Shelf. Jon Slate. Alex Sloop. Jennifer Smith. 
Brian Sprouse. Robert Sydnor. Shannon 
Talton. Wendy Taylor, Carla Ulbrich, Beth 
Wall, Kathy Whitaker. Lee Ann Williams, 
Maria Williams, Melanie Wilson 


The Collegiate Singers, directed by Hugh 
Floyd, presented programs by sacred and 
popular music on several occasions including 
Parents' Weekend. Convocation, and 
Christmas. Members: Sophomores: Lori 
Benton. Rebekah Carpenter, Ashley Darst, 
Cameron DeBrew, Sandy Dedrick, Kathy 
Deleon. Mark Goodman. Hilda Hardin, Amie 
Harris, Farris Hodo, Gunnie Ingani, James 
Kierstead, Erick Kroll, Chris Mann, Donna 
McElroy, Selina Miller. Julie Perkins, Paul 
Rhyne, Juan Rodriguez. Teresa Shaw, Kellie 
Shirley. Jon Slate, Julie Stewart, Carla 
Ulbrich. Kathy Whitaker. Melanie Wilson; 
Freshmen: Elana Barnett. Eric Batson, Steve 
Evans, September Ferguson. Verna Ferrell, 
Rosemary Gardner, Susanna Gill. Renee 
Girardeau. Eric Hughson. George Lawrence, 
Brenda Lisenbee, David Moody, Tom Parker, 
Mike Pressley, Alex Sloop, Bryan Sprouse, 
Shannon Talton. Angela Watkins, Wendy 
Wood, Lesley Wornom 

Organizations 147 






Under the supervision and coaching 
of Dean Scarborough and new assistant 
coach David Taylor, the Brevard men 
strikers posted a 14-5-1 record for the 
'85-'86 soccer season. Consisting of five 
sophomores and nineteen talented 
freshmen, the men performed excep- 
tionally well in a high scoring game 
against North Greenville where they 
won with the score 8-1. Also during the 
season, returning sophomore Alfredo 
Moya, again an all American, broke the 
Brevard scoring record of 30 goals once 
held by Danny Kristman in '83-'84. 
Considering the achievement of this 
year's team, it is almost modest to pre- 
dict a super '86-'87 season with plenty 
of returning players. 


1. Coach Scarborough does some last-minute paper- 
work before the game. 2. Steve DeLong is ready to 
play. 3. The Tornados pressure their opponents. 

Front Row: Ryan Scarborough. Vic Miriel. David Novak, Markus Siebmann, Buck Rowlce, Rick 
Chamberlain, Larry DeLong, Jakob Christiansen, Tony Patino, Tommy Misuraca, Steve DeLong. 
Second Row: Coach Scarborough, Balla Gaye, Alfredo Moya, Josh Thorp, Yong Song, Kent Byrd, 
Graham Faris, Andre Sanders, Keith Young, Paul Holmes, Eric Zimmerman, Daigaku Kuwahara, 
David Taylor, Sarah Bostic, 

150 Men's Soccer 


1. Markus Siebmann. Yong Song (19). and Bella Gayle (14) move in on the 
ball. 2. Those early fall afternoons are great for taking a break and watching 
the team play. 3. Yong Song warms up before the game. 4. These guys look 

Men's Soccer 151 


In their very first season, the women's soccer team, 
coached by Julie Johnson, made a bold start by setting up a 
full schedule which included several large four-year univer- 
sities such as Georgia Tech, Emory, and U.T.-Knoxville. 
They ended the season with a respectable 7-7 record, and 
even defeated some teams from higher divisions and four- 
year schools such as UNC-Asheville and Warren Wilson. 
They played aggressively and were in the game even when 
they were outmatched by more experienced teams, and they 
made a strong beginning for this new sport at Brevard 
College. A few of the outstanding players were as follows: 

Most Valuable Player 

Allison Wright 

Most Valuable Defender 

Annie Fisher 

Most Valuable Midfielder 

Lynn Simril 

Most Valuable Offender 

Missy Meyer 

Most Improved Player 

Molly Rawlings 

Most Dedicated Player 

Carla Ulbrich 

1 Missy Meyer takes control of the ball. 2. Lynn Simril moves the ball down field. 3. An avid sports fan, 
President Greer gives the Lady Tornados some encouragement. 

1. Mike Tamada pressures the competition. 2. Allison Wright (7) heads for the goal with an opponent 
close beside her. 3. Coach Julie Johnson looks as if she means business. 

Front Rom: Allison Wright, Carla L'lbrich, Molly Rawlings. Jill Moncrief, Suzanna Jayne, Frances 
Lineberger; Second Row: Michelle Bunch — Manager, Kim Goodsir. Annie Fisher, Lynn Simril, 
Kristin Pappas, Shelly Ainsworth, Margaret Belk, Sonya Sharp, Renee Deininger, Coach Julie John- 
son; Not Pictured: Day Parker, Mika Tamada 




1984-85 cheerleaders: Bollom: Tim Nelson. 
Marta Cedeno, Jon Griffith; Standing: Mike 
Harrison. David Puig. William Johnson; Top: 
Kim Layman, Angie Swiatkowski, Sandy Rogers 

Sponsor Nancy Witek hands out materials 

Co-Captains Angie Swiatkowski and Marta Cedeno make plans with the group 

154 Cheerleaders 

■ - ■■■■.. 


Henning Brandt 
Cross-Country and Track 

John Christiansen 
Cross-Country and Track 

Paul Carpenter 

Winston Brown 

Terrie Jackson 

Tyrone Adams 

Kim Nelson 

Alfredo Moya 

All Americans 155 

Fourth Notional Title In A Row 

The men's cross-country team had 
another in a series of remarkable 
years under the leadership of Coach 
Norm Witek. They won three major 
four-year invitationals -- Malone, 
UNC-Charlotte, and Berry — and 
finished with an overall record of 89- 
1. Even more amazing is the fact 
that the team has gone undefeated in 
dual meets for the eighth straight 
year and has won the national cross- 
country title for four straight years. 
These achievements support Bre- 
vard's claim to have the strongest 
distance program among junior col- 
leges in the United States. 

From Row: David Mays. Sam Dantzler, Tom Pugh, Scan Juman-Singh, Henning Brandt, John Walthall; Second 
Row: Coach Witck, Tyrone Adams. Dean Duncan, Tom Johnson, Winston Brown, Brian Westrater, David 
Coulter, John Christiansen, Paul Carpenter 

1 Strain and determination show on Brian 

Wcstrater's face. 2. John Christiansen finished 

third overall in the nation. 

156 Cross Country 


1. Paul Carpenter, Winston Brown, and David Coulter help lead the team to winning the 
UNC-C meet- 2. John Christiansen, Dean Duncan, and Winston Brown give it their all. 3. 
Paul Carpenter sets his pace. 

Cross Country 157 

Lizanne Lance, Arlene Musick, Stephanie Perry. Coach Rinker, Karen Mulligan, Heather Chamberlain, Kim Nelson, 
Terric Jackson 

omen's cross country team h 
son in 1985. Under the leade 
)ave Rinker, they qualified for the 
held in Chicago, Illinois, where t 
i third overall. This finish is quite 
le in light of the fact that this is the first 
t Brevard has had a complete team and 
hedule for women's cross country. This 
jam also produced and Ail-American, 
rie Jackson, who finished sixteenth overall at 
■onals. The women made strong showings at 
.11 season that included large four-year 
, and their fantastic finish at nationals 
r*d Brevard College win the first Nike Cup, 
, award given to the school with the best men's 
and women's programs combined. Next year 
looks promising because all the runners should 
return and a good recruiting year is expected. 

Stephanie and Heather think practice is fun! 

158 Women's Cross Country 

r *1§»3 ^ he 8 ' r ' S WOrl< 0n s P eed an< ^ endurance 

through a variety of drill 

Women's Cross Country 159 

Men Dunkers 

The men's basketball team landed a 19- 
1 1 record for the '85-'86 season. Under 
the coaching of Mr. Doug Rogers, the 
team managed to come in 3rd place in 
the Conference and 2nd in the Regional 
tournaments. Consisting basically of 
freshmen, the team had no problems 
achieving such accomplishments. There 
were five returning sophomores on the 
Tornado team; nevertheless, skilled 
freshmen like Maurice Little, Darren 
Sowell, and Tony Plemmons — just to 
name a few — had no problems in dis- 
playing their talents with a basketball. 
Needless to say, last year's standout 
Ricky Chatman along with Anthony 
Hailey contributed greatly to the team 
performance. Overall every member 
did his part to make this year a success. 

1. Coach Doug Rogers encourages his players from the side lines. 2. 
Anthony Hailey sky walks to tip in two points. 3. Freshman Tony Plem- 
mons tries to prevent opponent from scoring. 4. Sophomores Greg Reese 
and Ricky Chatman team up on defense to block out opposing player. 

160 Basketball 

r\ n rs 

a sn-j 







I Rodney Dcyton leaps for two points. 2. Coach 
Doug Rogers discusses winning plays with entire 
team. 3. Tornado starters sum up their offensive 
plans. 5. Darren Sowcll attempts lo score, and 
Ricky Chatman awaits possible rebound 

Standing: Ice l.awhorne, Kevin Allmen, Rodney Marctt, Rodney Dcyton, James Barber, Anthony 
Hailcy Kneeling Martin Powers, Greg Rccsc, Ricky Chatman, Tony Plcmmons, Darren Sowcll, 
Maurice little 

Basketball 161 

Lady Tornados 

The women's basketball team had a rough year due to many 
injuries within the team. With the help of the team's captains, 
Carmen Nelson and Susan Seymour, they managed to finish 
the year with a record of 2-6 in the WCJCC and an overall 
record of 6-14. Also, other outstanding players included Shel- 
ley Ivey, leading scorer, and Carmen Nelson, leading re- 
bounder. Although the team had many setbacks, they main- 
tained school spirit, discipline and enthusiasm. 

Carmen Nelson outjumps her opponents. 2. Mary Rice goes for two. 3. The 1986-87 Lady Tornados: 
Front Row: Susan Seymour. Carmen Nelon. Silvia Alvarez; Second Row: Belton Hammond, Ass(. 
Coach: Cindy Fought. Manager; Stephanie Corn; Mary Rice; Margaret Hinkson; Tammy Walton; 
Ruth Earlc; Amy Ostendorf; Shelley Ivey; Antoinette Smith; Mimi Walters. Asst. Coach: Coach Jane 
Long; Not pictured: Beth Harrcll, Becky Shore 


Women's Basketball/163 


The Brevard men's track team once 
again had a very productive year. 
Five of the track team members 
qualified for Indoor Nationals: Ty- 
rone Adams, John Christiansen, 
Henning Brandt, David Mays, and 
Dean Duncan. Among these five 
track individuals, three made All 
American: Henning Brandt, Tyrone 
Adams, and John Chritiansen. The 
Brevard College track team as a 
whole finished in the top ten finals 

From Row: John Christiansen. Henning Brandt, Brian Westrater, Sen Juman-Singh, Paul Carpenter. 

Second Row: Tyron Adams. Balla Gayc, Dean Duncan. Tom Johnson, David Mays. David Coulter Winston Brown 

Norman Witek. 

164 Track 



The women's track team competed 
in National Championships held at 
Fayetteville, Ark. Three women 
qualified to compete in this meet: 
Ellen Forbes in the high jump. Terrie 
Jackson and Kim Nelson in the mile 
and two mile. The women also broke 
eight school records. Freshman Kim 
Nelson had an outstanding season 
and achieved the honor of being an 
All-American. The combined efforts 
of the women made the team a huge 

Front Row: Dave Rinker, Cathy Haynie, Karen Mulligan. Terrie Jackson. Heather Chamberlain. Second Row: Kim 
Nelson. Stephanie Perry. Kathy Badal. Not pictured: Ellen Forbes. 

Track 165 



Both the men' and women's tennis 
teams were just getting their spring sea- 
son underway as the yearbook went to 
press. The men's team, coached by Bill 
Alexander, had returning from the fall 
Dee Moulton, Doug Cron, Brian Allen, 
and Tracy Clark in order of position. 
Greg Mcintosh was new in the spring 
and was playing at the #5 position, 
while returnee Scott Stonefield and 
newcomer Eric Janulet battled for the 
#6 singles position. The team had 15- 
17 matches and two tournaments 
planned for the spring. The women's 
tennis team began practicing early in 
the spring under the guidance of Coach 
Julie Johnson while Coach Jane Long 
was still busy with women's basketball. 
Their first match was scheduled to be 
March 3 against Lees-McRae 

Front Row: Bonnie Davis, Stephanie Corn, Shelley Ainsworth; Second Row: Kim Goodsir. Adrienne 
Elliott. Lynn Simril, Amy Lister, Julie Johnson. 

From Row: Greg Mcintosh, Doug Cron. Brian Allen, Tracy Clark; Second Row: Eric Janulet, Dee 
Moulton. Coach Alexander. Scott Stonefield. 

I .?!:.; ij:t 


Many Intramural activities were offered this year with 
some in particular drawing a lot of participation. Some of 
the fall activities were flag-football and ping-pong, and 
volleyball was also popular. The spring calendar offered 
billiards and trivial pursuit; however, basketball was the 
most popular activity especially since a faculty team includ- 
ing President Greer was involved. 

1. David Johnson challenges 
Greg Ferguson in a ping-pong 
match. 2. Second floor East 
Jones vs. second floor East 
Beam. 3. Greg Strowd on 
defense against Alfredo Moya. 
4. The fans watch a team 
from Green vs. a team from 
Beam. 5. Mark Caskey and 
Dee Lindsey make up a coed 



In The Stands We Find 

Tornados Supporters 

1. Greg Stroyvd and his companions seem to be 
stunned by what's happening on the court during 
the women's game. 2. These fans have their emo- 
tional wells under control. 3. Dr. Greer is cap- 
tured in one of his quieter moments at a game. 

I- Brevard teams get good support from faculty and staff such as Physical Operations Director Harry Patterson. 
Financial Affairs Director Bob Hayes. Dr. Charlie Teague. and Mr. Talmadge Phillips. 2. Some of these fans 
seem more interested in the photographer than in the game. 

Kans 16") 




Beyond Brevard 

172 Beyond Brevard 

/. The Kansas City Royals won the World Series- Royals pitcher Bret 
Saberhagen embraces third baseman George Brett after pitching a live- 
hitter to give the Royals the World Series crown over the St. Louis 
Cardinals. Saberhagen. the winner of two series games, was named as the 
Most Valuable Player m the series. 2. President Reagan and Soviet leader 
Mikhail Gorbachev talk in front of a fireplace at the Fleur D'Eau Tuesday 
November 19 in Geneva during the Summit. 3. Blue-collar troubadour 
Bruce Springsteen was the undisputed Boss of rock n 'roll. His songs about 
Vietnam veterans, steelworkers and factory workers hit many responsive 
chords with all ages of Americans. 4. Ceremonies were held at various 
times during the year at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington to com- 
memorate the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Saigon government in 
Vietnam. The Vietnam Memorial is inscribed with the names of more than 
S8.000 dead or missing soldiers from the Vietnam War. (photos by Associ- 
ated Press). 

HgllELf S 

PiEturns • 

l^as — ™e 

Beyond Brevard 173 

^J% ATf^- 


In keeping with our theme "In 
Search of Excellence," Brevard 
College has worked to attain this 
goal for 1985-86. The college has pre- 
pared itself for the betterment of the 
students by completing the Self-Study 
for Reaccreditation by the Southern 
Association of Colleges and Schools. 
The Computer Center has also been 
strengthened by the addition of new in- 
structors and new software. B.C.'s chal- 
lenging academic program prepares 
students for a senior college and for the 
world after college. Christian education 
is also a vital part of Brevard; therefore, 
the college is dedicated to building 
character as well as knowledge. Bre- 
vard College continues to challenge its 
students with the school motto, Cog- 
nosce ut Prosis: "Become Acquainted 
with Knowledge in order to Do Good." 

1 . "Pretty Place" at Camp Greenville: one of the most beautiful and breath-taking sights near Brevard. 

2. Anne l.auzon and Staccy Luce admire other students' work in the Art Building. 

174 Closing 

1. Ashlyn Lassiter and Charlie 
BIythe find it hard to believe 
that they've finally made it. 2. 
The college's Self-Study 
awaits approval by the 
Visiting Committee which 
arrives on campus in March. 

Closing 175 




Our Commitment To Education 
Goes Beyond The Classroom 

The Collected Works Of America's Foremost 

Authors Is Printed On Ecusta's Nyalite® And 

Is Available In Your Local Library. 

Pisgah Forest, North Carolina 

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*First Federal 




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Phone 883-8232 

Brevard Plaza 

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College Shopping Moll 506 N. Droad Street Drevard 

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At The Brevard Photo Products 

Department Plant 

Manufacturers Of X-Ray Film 


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a lifr-lonfE experit-n 

Perferl picli 

A student writes . . . ami in 
answered with schoUtrships 


A Cut Above The Ordinary 

508 S. Caldwell St. 

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A Prize Winning Newspaper published twice 
each week oHering news and features about 
Transylvania County and the people who live 

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Barnhill. Sarah — 120 

Baumgartner. Waller — 116 

Brammer I rsulj 120, 132 

Bridling. Hy 

Brower. Bill"- 118 

Burdette. Come — 128 

Burger. Peter — 1 16 

Carter. Dick 

Chamlcc. ken — 121, 140. 168 

Chamlcc. PriscillB — 112. 115. 168 

Chester. Jim 

Choate. Betty — 1 15 

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Darby, Jennifer 

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Greer. Billy — 46, 47, 53. 112. 113. 

Gunthcr. Sally — 115 

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Harrison. Cherl — 124 

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Jackson. Randv — 120 

115. 134. 152. 168 

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Kendcl. Henry 
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Mem. Abe — 116 
Koopman. Bonnie — I 
Kuenlzel, Walt — 22. 
Lander. Don — 1 19 
Laughter. Nancy 
Lawson. Kay 
Lefler. John— 2 
LcSlrangc. Ethel 
Long. Jane — 162 
Lovely. Gene — 1 16 
McCabe. Mike — 115 
McCall. Laverne 
McCauley, Debbie 
McDowell. Laurie 
Masierson. Lisanne — 
Mead. Sarah 
Miller. Adelaide 
Miller. Harvey 
Montgomery. Doris — 
Moore, Bill— 122 
Morgan, Glcnda 

. 128. 133. 153. 166 



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- 119 

1 15 

Munro. Grace — 116 

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Murray. Mary 

Nicholson. Bobbie Jean — 41. 115 

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Payne. Guy — 128. 142 

Phillips. Tjlmadge — 129. 169 

Presion. Dee — 115 

Rjnkm, Debra — 125 

Rich. Cheryl — 115 

Rinker. Dave — 127. 128. 158, 165 

Robinson, Pat — 125 

Rogers. Doug — 126. 160, 161 

Rogers. Joyce 

Scarborough, Don — 46, 115 

Sheppard. Don — 123 

Sherrod. Jerry — 123. 128 

Sinanni. Tony — 125 

Stiles. Mary 

Stiles. V.C. — 129 

Taylor. David — 127. 128. 150 

Teague. Charlie — 114. 121. 169 

Tilloison. Ginny 

Truesdale. Vance — 123 

Walker. Meredith — 121. 139 

123. 143 

- 115 

Wellborn, Clarke 
Wcssner, Patricia 
Wetmorc. Dave 48. 
Whailey. Larry I2 1 ; 
W'hitmire. Bobbie Jean, Kell) 
Williams. Dcrwm 

Williams. Nancj i: 
W ikon. Dave — 1 15 
Wilson. Linda 
Witek. Norm — I 2h, I 
Wood. Clara — 121 
Woods. Jesse 
Woodruff. Presion A 
Wray. Morris - 114. I 
York. John 


Opening — 1-5 

Student Lire — 6-55 

Activities. Fall — 20-21 

Activities. Spring — 50-51 

Derby Day — 12-13 

Dorm Life — 26-33 

Drama. Fall — 42-43 

East Beam — 30 

Enams — 48 

Fashions — 14-15 

First Week — 10-11 

Forest — 16 

Green — 27 

Halloween — 36-39 

Homecoming — 22-25 

Jones — 29 

Life and Culture. Fall — 34-35 

Life and Culture. Spring — 52-53 

New Complex — 32 

Off-Campus Activities — 17 

Parents' Weekend — 40-41 

Ross — 33 

Spring Registration — 49 

Stamey — 28 

Taylor — 26 

Valentine's Dance — 54-55 

Wesi Beam — 31 

Work-Study — 18-19 

Classes — 56-108 

Freshmen — 84-108 

Sophomores — 58-77 

Superlatives — 82-83 

Who's Who — 78-81 

Faculty and Staff — I 10-129 

Administration — 115 

Computer Science — 122-123 

Dean — 114 

Fine Arts — 124-125 

Humanities — 120-121 

Math/Science — 118-119 

Physical Education — 126-127 

President — 112 

Social Sciences -116-117 

Support Staff— 128-129 

Organizations — 130-147 

Big Sisters/ Mentors — 138 

Christian Student Fellowship — 141 

Circle K - 142 

Clarion — 140 

Collegiate Singers — 147 

Concert Band — 147 

Day Students — 143 

French Club — 144 

German Club — 145 

International Students — 146 

Ja« Ensemble — 147 

Kappa Chi — 141 

Outdoor Club — 143 

Pertelote — 140 

Phi Thcta Kappa — 139 

Resident Assistants — 138 

SAND — 146 

Spanish Club — 144 

Student Ambassadors — 139 

Student Government — 136 

Tornado Club — 142 

Travel Club— 145 

Athletics — 148-169 

All-Amencans — 155 

Basketball. Men's 160-161 

Basketball. Women's 162-163 

Cheerleaders — 154 

Cross-Country. Men's — 156-157 

Cross-Country. Women's — 158-159 

Fans — 168-169 

Iniramurals — 167 

Soccer. Men's — 150-151 

Soccer. Women's — 152-153 

Tennis. Men's 

Tcnms. Women's 

Track. Men's — 164 

Track. Women's 165 

Closing — 170-175 

Ads — 176-188 

Index 189 


This index of names and ad- 
dresses is intended for the pri- 
vate use of Brevard College 
students, faculty and staff and 
may not be used for any other 
purpose (i.e. survey, solicita- 
tion, etc.) without the permis- 
sion of Brevard College. 

Bonita Briquette Adams 
PO Box 4181 
Wilson. NC 27893 
31, 58, 108 

Tyrone Esell Adams 
Rt. 5. Box 227 
Burlington. NC 27215 
156. 164 

Shells Rena \inswurth 
»I4 Briarridgc Dr 
Texarkana. AR 75502 
84. 153. 166 

Brian Lee Allen 
218 Mcrewood Rd 
Belmont. NC 28012 

Edward Eugene Allen 
PO Box 314 
Pennsvillc. NJ 08070 

Kevin Lee Allman 
PO Box 659 
Bryson City, NC 28713 
12. 84. 161 

Silvia Marlene Alvarez 
4779 W Alhambra Ctr. 
Naples. FL 33940 
58. 138, 162. 163 

Kristen Yvette Antlev 
PO. Box 104 
Rowcsvillc.SC 29133 

Erica Anne Arbogast 
I I Neptune 

Mary Esther. FL 32569 
58. 181 

Sheryl Hollis Arnette 

1 2 Meadow Ln 
Brevard. NC 28712 


Laurent Augier 
12 Allee de Fonlainblcau 
75019 Paris. France 
45, 58 

Rex Anthony Austin 
6297 Bishop Place 
Riverdale. GA 30296 

Sheri Lynn Austin 
6409 York Rd 
Charlotte. NC 28210 
54. 132 

Elizabeth Blair Autrey 

2701 Meade Ct. 
Charlotte. NC 28211 

John I. Bachman 
316 Warner Dr. 
Hartsville. SC 29550 

Kathrvn Lynn Badal 

4120 Peppcndge Dr. 
Charlotte. NC 28226 
31, 58. 108. 142. 165. 167. 183, 

Pope Luther Bagwell 
403 Graham 
Conway. SC 29526 


( aroline Lee Bailey 
6142 Page Ct. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Christopher George Bailey 

1016 Country Club Rd 
LaGrange. GA 30240 

Holly Leslie Bailey 

9329 Doral 
Pittsburg. PA 15237 

Jane E. Bailey 

2477 Periwinkle Way 
Sanicbcl, FL 33957 
42. 58 

Mojdeh Bakhit 
Rt 6. Box 208C 
Wilmington. NC 28405 
45, 85. 146 

Polly Ann Balsley 

3890 Fhntwood Rd. 
Pensacola, FL 32504 
58. 132. 133, 139 

Ann Calhleen Bancroft 
432 Dorset Dr 
Cocoa Beach. FL 32931 
85, 185 

Cheryl Anne Banky 

100 Anlell Ct. 
Summervillc. SC 29483 

Bryan Kelly Banther 

PO Box 595 
Rosman. NC 28772 

James Harold Barber 

Rt 2, Box 263-F 
Wilkesboro, NC 28697 

Elana Marie Barnett 

Rt I. Box I42A 
Horse Shoe. NC 28742 

Ashley Helene Barrett 

1220 Tynccastlc Way. NE 

Atlanta. GA 30338 


Robin Barrett 

2611 Scdlcy Rd 

Charlotte. NC 28211 

58, 78. 138, 139, 142, 147 

Jonathan Parrish Bass 

PO Box 563 
Fairburn, GA 30213 
42, 85 

Eric Lee Batson 

Rt I, Harris St 
Greenville, SC 29611 
85. 147 

Kristi Lynn Baynard 

P.O. Box 257 

Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 


Kimberly Marie Behrendt 

3124 W Clinton St 
Tampa, FL 33614 
85, 141 

Sarah Margaret Belk 
834 Museum Dr 
Charlotte, NC 28207 
54. 58, 143 

Malvin Peter Bellanger 

Rt. 1 Box 300 

Hope Mills. NC 28348 

Catherine Lorraine Benton 

104 Burrell Mtn. Rd. 
Brevard. NC 28712 
59. 147 

Eric William Berg 

Rt. I, Box 261 

Kenbndge. VA 23944 

Carol Lynn Besco 

8 Roselle Ave. 

Goose Creek. SC 29445 


Heather Lee Best 

PO Box 1503 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Suzanne Michelle Bethel 

12868 Southwest 17th Terr 

Miami. FL 33175 


Kent Grady Bird 

I 17 N Sea Pines Dr. 
Hilton Head Is.. SC 29928 

Pamela Sue Birkner 

1537 Caribbean Dr 
Sarasota, FL 33581 

Mark Hamlin Bishop 

P.O. Box I 

Cedar Mtn.. NC 28718 

David Gerald Blaesing 

25 Magnolia St 
Brevard, NC 28712 

132, 143 

Lori Jo Blaesing 

25 Magnolia St. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

David Morris Blair 

5112 Vallcyrun Rd 
McLeansville, NC 27301 

Thomas William Blottman 
501 Archdalc Dr 
Charlotte, NC 28210 
17, 86 

Charles Edgar Blythe. II 

7121 Knighlswood Dr 
Charlotte, NC 28226 
26, 59. 142. 175 

Richard Nottingham Boggs 
140 Hawthorne Dr. 
Brevard, NC 28712 
59. 168 

Benjamin Mark Boll 

Rt I Box 684 

Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 


Robert Mason Bond III 
158 Lighlwood Knot Rd 
Columbia, SC 29204 

Jaime L. Bormann 

3200 Ramblewood Dr N. 
Sarasota, FL 33582 
86. 132 

Sarah Randolph Bostic 

960 West Park PI 
Deland, FL 32720 
86, 150 

Michele Louise Bowling 

607 Sinclair St. 
Charlotte. NC 28208 

Henning Brandt 

J.E. Ohlsensgade 12 11, 

Copenhagen 2100, Denmark 

20. 59, 83, 126, 127. 155, 156, 164 

Leonard Frank Brantley 

1351 Markham Woods Rd. 
Longwood, FL 32779 

Andrea Lee Bravmiller 

436 S. Hughes Blvd 
Elizabeth City. NC 27909 

Leah Ann Brethauer 
5015 37th St. E. 
Bradcnton, FL 34203 
38, 55. 59, 112. 168. 183 

Diana Rose Briggs 
102 Hamlet Ln 
Ladson, SC 29456 
40. 86 

Douglas Charmbury Briggs 

243 Sweet Bay Ave. 

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32069 

30, 59 

Phillip Charles Brodsky 

10725 SW 72 Ave 
Miami. FL 33156 
II. 59 

Mark Robert Brom 

65 Heritage Dr 

Lake Wylie. SC 29710 

Laura Katherine Brophy 

2515 Bruckcn Rd 
Brandon. FL 33511 
86. 132 

Alan Monroe Brown 

1208 Fairlane Rd 
Cary. NC 27511 

Danny Ray Brown 

Box 564 

Rosman. NC 28772 

Ronnie Damon Brown 

PO Box 156 

Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 

Winston Spencer Brown 

3009 North Radcliffc In 
Chesapeake, VA 23321 
32. 122, 156. 157. 155. 164 

Rebecca Jane Brumley 

25 Tradd St 
Charleston. SC 29401 

Kimberly Dawn Bucklcw 

8622 Contoura Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32810 
15. 86 

Ronald Wayne Bucll 

14 Turnpike Rd 
Brevard, NC 28712 
29, 60. 141 

Jeanne Michelle Bunch 

190 Index 

5324 C Nfc 6th Ave 

Fl Underdo. FL. 33334 

86, 132. 153 

Jason Anthonv Burcham 
5704 Galcslone Dr. 
Greensboro. NC 27406 

Christine Marie Burger 
114 Robinson Ave. 
Brevard, NC 25712 

Shannon Sherree Burgin 

903 Han Rd 

Pisgah Forcsl. NC 28768 

Charlisa W adene Burnett 
Rt 3. Box 254 
Fletcher. NC 28732 

Erie John Butrym 

171 Penmngton-Harburton Rd 
Pennington. NJ 08534 

Sarah Ann Byrd 
297 Rosman H\v\ 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Thomas Mclntvre Caddell, Jr. 
324 Club Dr 
Salisbury. NC 28144 

Stephen Alfred Cain 
Rl. I, Box 170 

Commerce. GA 30529 

Terry Angela Cairnes 
Box 49 Warlick Rd. 
Horse Shoe, NC 28742 

Derek Lance Calhoun 
100 Glen Cannon Dr 
Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 

Todd Alan Callawav 
Rt. 2. Box 241 
Mocksville. NC 27028 

Lynne Erin Campbell 
4 Camelot Ct. St Catharines 
Ontario. Canada L2T3R3 
13. 16. 18. 60. 83. 138. 187 

Roeeo Vincent Canonica 

4523 Mayfield Dr 
Annandaie. VA 22003 

Clint Arthur Cantrell 
204 Palmer St. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Sheldon D. Capps 
Rt- 6. Box 264 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 

Celestia L\nn Carnes 

7334 Sardis Rd 
Charlotte. NC 28226 

Paul Flav Carpenter 

Rl 4. B-97 

Arden. NC 28704 

32. 87. 156. 157. 155. 164 

Rebekah Beam Carpenter 
19 Providence Si. 
Granite Falls. NC 28630 
41. 60. 82. 138. 139. 147. 141 

Ramona Carpio 

2132 NW 34th St 
Miami, FT. 13142 
60. 78. I 12. 140, 142, 184 

Ann-Marie C'arr 

ss I •, t ross Gale CT 
Atlanta. GA 30327 
13. 87. 181. 185 

< andace Ann C'arr 
800 Snug Island 
Clearwater. FL 33515 

Brian Christopher Cartland 
5335 Coconut Dr 
St. James. FL 33956 
16. 30. 87 

Mark Howard Caskev 
13400 Andulusian Dr' 
MjlLhevvs, NC 28105 
30. 87. 167 

Robert Courtney Caswell 

7607 Kingswood Dr 
Myrtle Beach. SC 29557 


Robert Spann Cathcart. IV 
31 Church St 
Charleston. SC 29401 

Marta Clanova Cedeno 

2601 SW 21 Terr 
Miami. FL 33145 
12. 60. 78. 138. 154 

Erik Michael Chalmers 

5827 Whistlewood Cir. 
Sarasota. FL 33582 
60. 124 

Sylvia Heather Chamberlain 

6324 Whippanv Wa\ 
Burke, VA 22015 
132. 158. 159, 165 

Richard T. Chamberlin. Jr. 

1356 Ranchwood Dr 
Clearwater. FL 33546 
60. 78. 138. 139. 168. 150 

David Lee Chapman 
P O Box 364 
Rosman. NC 28772 

Elizabeth Ann Chapman 
PO Box 112 

Rosman. NC 28772 

Wilma Arleca Chapman 
Rl I, Box 364 
Lake Toxaway. NC 28747 
60. 139 

Ray Larrs Chason 

Rl. I. Box 175 

Lake Toxaway. NC 28747 

54. 87 

Ricky Demetrius Chatman 
487 Dixie St. 
Sparla. GA 31087 
12. 55. 61. 160. 161 

Stephen Michael Chavoustie 
9953 Ramblewood Dr. 
Coral Springs, FL 33065 

Jakob Rex Christensen 

535 Kenbrook Dr. NW 
Atlanta. GA 30327 
87. 150 

John Christiansen 

Tvaerves 10 

2880 Bagsvaero. Denmark 

87. 132. 146. 156. 157. 155. 16. 

Andrew Anthonv C iriot 

622 w Pennsylvania Kit 

Deland. IT 32720 

16. 61. 127. 139. 146. ISI 

Tracy Howard Clark 
Rl 2. Box 605 
Newton, Nc 28658 


Virginia Page Clark 
109 Meredith Manor Blvd. 
Longwood. FL 32779 
8. 61, 69, 132, 133 

Margaret Ann Clayton 
210 Fernbrook Cir 
Spartanburg, SC 29302 
88. 108 

Jason Travis CTevenger 
1361 Railfcnec Dr 
Columbia. SC 29210 

I mum., kav Coggins 
PO Box 1591 
Brevard. NC 28712 

David Burnett Coleman 

440 Lucerne 
Tampa. FL 33606 

John Edward Coleman 

16 Spring St 

Luray. VA 22835 
27, 81 

Donald Edward Collier 

2401 Summerfield Rd 
Winter Park, FL 32792 

James Alan Collins 

8773 NW 27th St. 
Coral Springs. FL 33065 

Brenda Michelle Collins 

Rt 6 Box 305 
Hendersonville. NC 25729 

Eddv Marc Conner 

Rt II. Box 42 
Hickory. NC 28601 
61. 147 

Harry Watson Connor 
2107 Kylemore Dr. 
Greensboro. NC 27406 
8. 88 

Philip Alan Constable 
619 E Kingston Ave 
Charlotte. NC 28203 

Brian Jeffrev Cook 

34J Rt. I 

Tifton, GA 31794 

54. 61, 78. 81, 83. 132. 133. 138. 139 

Gregory J. Cook 

1406 Somcrlavton Rd 
Charleston. WV 25314 

Robert Wayne Cooke. Jr. 

608 Stratfordshire Dr 
Matthews, NC 28105 
11.61. 138, 179 

Fernando Manuel Cordovez 

Aragua-95 River Si Suite 41 I 

Hobokcn. NJ 07030 


Stephanie Renee Corn 
Rl 1. Box 43 
Brevard. NC 28712 
162. 166 

Wilburn Cregorv Corn 
Rt 5. Box 132 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 


Daniel William ( oughlin 
36 Woodlav/fl Aive 
Fairpon, \Y 14450 

David Scott Coulter 

1701 William i Mar) i ommon 
Hillsborough. NJ 08876 

9. 12. 62. 156. 157. 164 

Bonnie Diane C raw ford 

512 Shcrric I n 
Orangeburg. SC 291 15 

Thomas Lane Crittenden 

5434 Dunwoody Knoll Cl. 
Dunwoody. GA 30338 
3. 43, 51. 88 

John Douglas Cron 
1800 Hartford Dr 
Gaslonia. NC 28052 

Christopher Daniel Crowder 
Rl 4, Box 115 
Oxford. NC 27565 

62. 132 

Susan Fonville Currin 
310 Cherry St. 
Oxford. NC 27565 
62. 139 


Samuel Earl Danlzler. II 
214 Kings Park Ln. 
LaGrange. GA 30240 

Mary Ashley Darsl 
3310 Slarmouni Dr. 
Greensboro. NC 27403 
62. 147 

Bonnie Leanna Davis 

2845 Spring Lake Ct 
Sarasota. FL 33580 
88. 134. 166 

Diane Louise Amoit Davis 

Rl. 2. Box 44K 

Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 

Linda Karen Davis 

Rt. I. Box 70 

Canton. NC 28716 

62. 78. 82. 126. 127. 132. 133. 138. 139 

Patrick James Davis 
Rl. 2. Box 422 
Blacksburg. SC 2970 1 
54. 88. 147 

Timothy Mitchell Dawkins 

6304 Stockbridge Cl 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

Cameron Evans DeBrew 
Rt. 8. Box 366-B 
ShelbA. NC 28150 
62. 147 

Sandra Lynn Dedrick 

216 Valecian Way 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
62. 147 

Ann Elizabeth Defenbaugh 

1 13 Addington Dr 
Toccoa. GA 30577 
88. 147 

Stephen J. DeGray 

42 Peppermill Ln 
Dix Hills. NY I 1746 

Index 191 

Ann Renct- Deininger 
3201 Arrowood Dr. 
Raleigh. SC 27604 

Kathv Joyce DeLeon 
1938 Timothy Dr NE 
Atlanta. GA 30329 
62. 132. 142. 143 

Larry Victor DeLong 
101 Horseshoe Dr 
Longwood, FL 32779 
62. 150 

Steve Wayne DeLong 
101 Horseshoe Dr. 
Longwood. FL 32779 
101. 88. 150 

Douglas Stephen DeLorev 

346 — 80th Ave. NE 
St. Petersburg. FL 33702 

George James Demopoulos 
I I 105 SW 74th Ave 
Miami. FL 33156 

Mi. (In. v Brsan Devton 
Rt I. Box 63 
Burnsville, NC 28714 

8. 89. 161 

Raul F.duardo Die/ 
P.O Box 8064 54 
Panama Zone, 7 

9. 28. 62 

Kathleen Thomas Disney 
465 River Valley 
Atlanta. GA 30328 

Michael Thomas Disney 

211 E Ohio St #1508 
Chicago. IL 6061 I 

Waller Brian Dobbins 

263 Tinsley Rd 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Richard Wesley Doekery 

730 6th St. NW 
Hickory. NC 28601 

Robert John Dodd 

210 W. Crossvillc Rd 
Roswcll. GA 30075 

Keith Duncan Dooley 
P.O Box 13 
Penrose. NC 28766 

Paul Jeffrey Doreika 
4788 White Oak Tr 
Stone Mm., GA 30088 

Mark Patrick Dowdle 

402 l.uola St 
Madison. NC 27025 
2. 63 

Peter Dreibholz 

7 Maybury Ct. 
Arden. NC 28704 

l.ori Jean Dugger 

PO Box 128 

Waldo. FL 32694 

2. 63. 79. 81. 83. 135. 138. I] 

Gary Dean Duncan, Jr. 

447A Bruce Ln. 
Hcndcrsonvillc. NC 28719 
156. 157. 164 

Nancy Elizabeth Duncan 

PO. Box 1008 
Elkin. NC 28621 

Susan Micheie Dyer 

1109 Shelby Rd. 

Kings Mountain. NC 28086 


John Richard Dzubay 
3223 Haddon 
Durham, NC 27705 

Rulhanne Elsie Earle 

24 Bomto Dr 

New Port Richey. FL 33552 

12, 89. 162. 163. 167 

Jeffrey Lynn Earnhardt 

2075 Lindell Rd 
Greensboro. NC 27403 

Letitia Eshaun Eason 

1213 South Park Ave 
Apopka. FL 32703 
17, 63, 139 

Heather Marie Edgar 
303 W Whitney Dr. 
Jupiter. FL 33458 
89. 147 

Douglas Wayne Edsall 

10317 NW 16lh Ct. 
Coral Springs. FL 33065 

Frederick Eugene Edwards 

2701 Forest Cir. 

Jacksonville. FL 32217 

16. 63, 82, 132. 133. 138. 143 

Larry Donell Edwards 
P O Box 89 
Bluffton. SC 29910 
55, 63. 140, 169, 200 

Adrienne Armistead Elliott 

2707 McLeod St. 
Augusta. GA 30904 
89, 166. 167 

Mallory Leticia Erwin 
PO Box 305 Hudlin Gap 
Pisgah Forest, NC 28668 

Tamula Darnell Elliott 

217 N. Lane St. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Kelley Lynne Estep 

5607 Underwood 
Greensboro. NC 27409 
46, 63 

Steve Collis Estes, Jr. 

Rt. 2. Box 700 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Steven Douglas Evans 
306 Stoney Mountain Rd 
Hcndcrsonvillc. NC 28739 


Rudena Gibbs Fallon 
112 Rice St. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Christine I I. mi, Earis 

Rt 2, Box 23 

Lake Toxaway. NC 28747 


William Graham Faris 

317 Bradley Creek Pt 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

89. 150 

Michael Robert Eeagan 
12 Gary St 

Columbus. NC 28722 
18. 89 

Maria September Ferguson 

Rt I, Box 253 
Clyde, NC 28721 

90. 147 

Patricia Ann Ferguson 

PO Box 884 
Taylorsville, NC 28681 
33. 63 

Thomas Gregory Ferguson 

2898 NW 27th St. 

Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33306 

90. 167 

Verna Leigh Ferrell 
3408 Eastwood Dr. 

Charlotte. NC 28205 
90. 147 

April Lvnn Filkins 

Rt I. Box 172 
Estcro, FL 33928 
63. 139 

Kimberlv Annette Fish 

Rt 2. Box 60-B 

Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 


Anna Marie Fisher 

69 Maple St. 

Hornell. NY 14843 

63, 138. 139. 142, 143. 153 

Donna Gail Fisher 

Rt 9. Box 178 
Hendersonville, NC 28739 

Tracv Michelle Fisher 

Rt I 

Lake Toxaway. NC 28747 

90, 143 

Patrick Kendall Fitzgerald 

180 Bucna Vista Dr. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Raymond Walter Flische! 
985 Bayshore Dr 
Englewood. FL 33533 
46. 90 

Judith Teresa Flower 

2015 Fern Dr 
Greenville. NC 27834 
13, 39. 64, 79. 138. 142 

Angela Louise Floyd 

129 Roscnwald Ln. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Ellen Galewood Forbes 
330 N. Broad St 
Salem, VA 24153 
13. 16, 64. 139 

Edward Gay Fort 

Box 204 

Hartsvillc. SC 29550 

Cynthia Fought 

6046 Old Landing Way 
Burke. VA 22015 
64. 162 

Clifford Barron Frady 

10 Junco Ln 
Brevard, NC 28712 


Matthew Lindell Freeman 

3001 Willowbrae Ln. 
Matthews, NC 28105 

Christine Diane Fullerton 

Rt, 1, 16 Briarwood Cir 
Amcncus. GA 31709 
16, 90 

Marco Rosario Furnari 
PO Box 1961 
Brevard. NC 28712 


Jeffrey Allen Galindo 

10108 Woodview Cir. 
Matthews. NC 28105 

Anita Gay Galloway 

Rt. 3. Box 270 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Jerry McCrae Galloway 

2617 Rovstcr Rd 
Raleigh. NC 27608 

Gregory Len Cambrel 
10 W Lexington St. 
Danville. KY 40422 

Alex Brice Gardner 

5408 Fieldbrook Dr. 
Greensboro. NC 27405 

Lisa Kathleen Gardner 

1571 Woodland Ave. 
Winter Park. FL 32789 
13, 15. 16, 90 

Rosemary Gardner 

2705 Catherine Dr. 
Burlington, NC 27215 

90, 147 

Gene Gartman, Jr. 

2096 Broughlon St. NE 
Orangeburg. SC 291 15 

Balla Gaye 

20/20 Stanton Rd 
East Point. GA 30344 

91. 146. 169. 150. 151, 164 

Angela Spurgette Gilbert 
Rt. I. Box 202 
Hcndcrsonvillc NC 28739 

Christopher Alan Gilbert 

2734 Robinhood Rd. 
Winston Salem, NC 27106 

Monica Sue Gill 

Rt. I. Box 150 

Zolfo Springs, FL 33890 

91. 92. 143 

Susanna Beth'Gill 

Blvd. de la Woluwc 12 no. 51 
Brussels. Belgium 1940 
91. 147 

John Carroll Gillie 
P O Box 403 
Columbus. NC 28722 
16. 64 

Renee Ann Girardeau 

201 East Charlton St. 
Savannah. GA 31401 

192 Index 

146. 141 

William Kyle Glasgow 

460J Victory Chapel Rd, 
Greensboro. NC 27407 
"1. 147 

Erankie Edward Goldsmith 
224 Rosman Hwv 
Brevard. NC 28712 

David Michael Goldstein 

65 East 96lh St. 

New York. NY 10128 

Steven Mark Goodman 
Rt 3. Box 371 
Moorcsville. NC 28115 
64. 147 

Kimberlev Campbell Goodsir 
234 Indian Creek Dr 
Meehanicsburg. PA 17055 
91. 153. 166 

Patricia Ann Grabill 
3201 NW 108lh Dr 
Coral Springs. FL 33065 
91. 132 

Kenneth Darrell Gra> 
Rt I. Box 22 
Penrose. NC 28766 

Everette Gerald Green 

10 Bnarwood Tr 
Brevard. NC 28712 

John Merrill Green. Ill 

Box 145 

Franklin. TN 37064 

Kimberlv Irma Greeson 
11093 Painted Tree Rd 
Pineville. NC 28134 
21, 31. 64. 108 

Jonathan Scott Griffith 

1 344 Whispering Pines Dr. 
Clearwater. FL 33546 

Da>id Arthur Grissett 

4155 Lakeside Dr 
Jacksonville. FL 32210 

Shane Gunderson 
6025 SW 37lh Si. 
Miramar. FL 33023 
46. 64. 139. 142 

Roudie Guslave 
4220 NW 169 Terr. 
Carol Cit>. FL 33056 
65. 146 

Seurette Gusta>e 
4220 NW 169 Terr. 
Carol Citv. FL 33056 
91. 142. 146 

Connie Radford Gutekanst 
137 E. Chestnut St. Apt. 2 
Ashevillc. NC 28801 

Matthew David Gutekanst 
137 E Chestnut St. Apt. 2 
Asheville. NC 28801 

Marcello Corleto Gutierrez 
848 Iron Oak Dr. 
Orlando. FL 32809 

Anthonv Marc Hailev 

5342 Snow White Ln 
Charlotte. NC 28213 
54. 160. 161 

Kendall Lynn Hall 

140 Stoncy Ridge Dr 
Longwood. FL 32750 

Christy Suzanne Hallas 

906 Monterev Point NE 
St Petersburg. FL 33704 
31. 65. 138. 132, 108 

Eric I i". Hammond 
4017 Edwards Mil Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27612 
28, 91 

John James Hamp 
3425 Indiana Rd. 
Rotonda West. FL 33947 

Laura Lvnn Hannah 
Rt 6. Box 326 B-18 
Winston Salem. NC 27107 

8. 91 

Eric Darrell Hansen 
146 Poplar Cir. 
Summerville. SC 29483 
16.91, 127, 143 

Hilda V Hardin 
Rt 4. Box 187 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Pepita Robin Harper 
2625-A Graves Rd. 
Tallahassee. FL 32303 

Elizabeth Ruth Harrell 
3604 Macceo Dr 
Savannah. GA 31410 

9. 163 

Janette Lee Harrell 
6016 Bellow St 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
92, 143 

Debora Kim Harrelson 
Rt 9. Box 351 
Hendcrsonville. NC 28739 

Vim Rebecca Harris 
1 16 Edisto Ave. 
Batesburg. SC 29006 
65. 147 

Natalie Jean Harris 
P.O. Box 746 
Columbus. NC 28722 
92. 142. 147, 167 

Michael David Harrison 
5112 Williamsburg Rd 
Brenlwood. TN 37027 
92. 154 

Andrea Lorie Harvev 
101 Lamplighter Rd. 
Allamome Springs. FL 32714 

David Stewart Havden 
759 Watch Pt Dr 
Cincinnati. OH 45230 

Catherine Marie Havnie 

2030 Montana Ave. NE 
Si. Petersburg. FL 33703 
92. 159. 165 

Daniel Paul Heater 
Rt 1. Boys Camp Rd 
Lake Lure. NC 28746 

Michael David Heenev 

16 Lake Sega Cir. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Barrv Lowell Hendren 
Rt I, Box 131 
Moravian Falls. NC 28654 
46. 65. 138. 143. 108 

Robert Frederick Henshaw. Ill 
2168 Main St. 
Sarasota. FL 33578 

Elizabeth Kav Hibbard 
4061 Laurel Ridge Rd 
Smyrna, GA 30080 

Roger W. Hicks, Jr. 
Rt 3. Box 293-A 
Brevard, NC 28712 

Angela Yvonne Hills 
230 Grainger 
Conway. SC 29526 
17. 65. 138. 139 

Margaret-Ann Emma Hinkson 
18715 NW 10th Ct. 
Miami. FL 33169 

Farris Hodo 

405 Fairburn Rd SW 212 
Atlanta, GA 30331 
65, 147 

Donald Gudmundur Hogan 
1804 Ukeview Dr 
Brandon. FL 33511 

Frank Carter Holding 
621 Hermitage Dr. 
Concord. NC 28025 

Paul Holmes 
105 Nichole Ln. 
Longwood. FL 32750 
92. 150 

Linda Joanne Holt 
3217 Cove Rd. 
Jupiter, FL 33458 

Quyen Quang Hong 

1 1 19 East 54th 
Savannah. GA 31404 
65. 79 

Christopher Eugene Hood 
3219 Eastburn Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28210 

Richard Darrell Hooper. II 
102 East Main St. 
Brevard, NC 28712 

Timothy William Hoss. 
Box 85A 

Gloucester, NC 28528 

Donna Jean Howard 

Rt 1, Box 367A 

Hogansville. GA 30230 

13, 65, 79. 81. 133. 138. 139. 142. 141 

Melissa Lee Hudson 
9901 SW 62 St 
Miami. FL 33173 

Eric Walker Hughson 
5139 Spnnghaven Rd 
Orange Park. FL 32073 


John Kimball Humphrey. Jr. 
232 Seacrest Dr 
Wrighlsville Bch . NC 28480 

Julia Elizabeth Hunter 
320 Armstrong Ave. 
Hendcrsonville. NC 28739 

li.i.iil Ravmund Huskins 
3215 Dccrwood Dr 
Gastonia. NC 28054 
20. 38. 65, 132, 133. 137 

Eusako Ikeda 

1115 Shizunamij Haibara-Cho 
Haibara-gun, Shizuoka-Kcn. 421-04. 
93. 146 

John Ashlev Ingani 
P O Box 779 
Wingale. NC 28103 
93. 147 

Rvuichi lshikawa 

1035-11 1-206 Bushi lruma-cily 

Saitama 358 Japan 

93. 133. 146 

Asami Itoh 

East-West Foundation 
Atlanta. GA 30319 

Shellev Elaina Ivey 
764 N Burnt Hickorv Rd 
Douglasvillc. GA 30134 
93. 162. 163 

Terrie Anne Jackson 

7024 Eunice Dr 
Riverdale. GA 30274 
93. 158. 159. 155. 165 

Garrett Kirk Jacob 

445 N. Harbor Dr 
Atlanta. GA 30328 

Evelvn Ronnett Jacobs 
3801 Delmar Dr 
Durham. NC 27703 
66. t38 

Ella Anne Jamerson 
Rt. 3. lllahee Hills 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Robin Lvnne Jankins 

10243 Battlefield Dr 
Manassas, VA 22110 

Eric Paul Janulet 
P.O. Box 1513 
Etowah. NC 28729 
66. 166 

Jacqueline Mice Jasper 
9740 SW 141st Dr. 
Miami. FL 33176 
66. 108 

Mary Suzanne Jayne 
60 Luther St. 
Asheville NC 28806 
19. 66. 153 

Lisa Ann Jenkins 

303 E. McClure St. 
Castle Hayne. NC 28409 

Stacy Harold Jennings 
84 Lyda Creek Rd. 
Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 

Index 193 

93. 143 

Floyd Spencer John 
4614 Lelia Ct. 
Columbia. SC 29206 
30. 66 

Julie Ann Johnson 
Brevard College 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Marv Melinda Johnson 
Rl 3. Box 598 
Fairmont. NC 28340 
140. 147 

Megan Ruth Johnson 
P. O. Box 1238 
Etowah, NC 28729 

Shannon Nichol Johnson 
1436 W. Chaloncr Dr 
Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Thomas Michael Johnson 
120 Travis Lane 
Whueman AFB. MO 65305 
93. 132. 156. 164 

William Reed Johnson, Jr. 

5307 Williamsburg Rd 
Brentwood. TN 37027 
93. 154 

David French Johnston 
306 Tate St. 
Morganton. NC 28655 

Cory Lewis Jones 

3135 Shenandoah Ave. 
Charlotte. NC 28205 

Judith S. Jones 

426 Greenville Hwy. 
Brevard, NC 28712 

Melissa Ann Jones 

520 S. Chester St. 
Gastonia. NC 28052 

Tamra Lee Jones 

12915 SW 110 Ave. 
Miami. FL 33176 
99, 147 

Theresa Michele Jones 
PO Box 92 
Cocoa, FL 32922 

Jose Enrique Joubert 

Calle I #E-I1 El Madrigal 
Ponce Puerto Rico 00731 
.66, 122. 146. 169 

Sean Michael Juman-Singh 
1413 Pisgah Church Road 
Greensboro, NC 27408 
40. 156. 164 


Kevin Eric Kampmever 
744 Stiles Dr 
Charleston. SC 29412 

Voichi Kaneko 

1-22-8 Kamishakuju. Nicrm, 

Tokyo 177. Japan 


John Marc Kaufholz 

1844 Mcadowbrook Dr 
Winslon Salem. NC 27104 

Anne Woodruff Kavanaugh 
6190 Hcards Creek Dr 
Atlanta, GA 30328 

Kenneth Gene Keenum, Jr. 
608 Austin Ave. 
Cary. NC 27511 
94, 140 

James Dudley Keirstead 

35 Brown Rd". 

Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 

42. 43, 132. 147 
Susan Lee Kelley 
3700 Weslfield St. 
High Point. NC 27260 
31. 66. 108 

Michael John Kelly 
Rt 2. Box 335 
Seward. Pa 15954 
66. 187 

Richard Heath Kennington 

2025 London Ave 
Jackson. MS 39211 

Stanley Robert Kilburn 

I 31 Laurie Circle 
Jackson, TN 38301 

Jonathan Albert Kiefer 

67 Windsor Rd 
Asheville, NC 28804 

Raymond Alonzo King 

616 Probart St 
Brevard, NC 28712 

Robert Michael King 

841 NE 60th St. 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334 

Michael Kevin Kinton 

PO. Box 385 
Warrenton. NC 27589 

John Randolph Kirby 

2021 Beverly Dr 
Charlotte. NC 28207 

Tracey Lynne Kirkpatriek 
PO Box 851 

Lexington, VA 24450 

Tammy Denise Kitchen 

I 16 Dana Dr. 
Hendersonville, NC 28739 


Heather A. Kivett 

Rt 4. Box 214 
Mooresville, NC 281 15 
67. 139. 146 

James Christopher Knapp 

5901 Mount Eagle Dr. #1 106 
Alexandria, VA 22303 

Stacey Leigh Knight 

1821 Leslie Ave. 
Alexandria, VA 22301 

Karla Yvonne Koenig 
Rt I. Box 388 
Gilbert. SC 29054 
67, 108 

Karl Otto Koepke 
1200 Country Club Rd 
Orlando. FL 32804 

Clarke Andrew Korn 
305 River Valley Rd 
Atlanta. GA 30328 

Jeffrey Marc Krieger 
438 Burnt Tree Ln. 
Apopka. FL 32703 
39. 94 

Erick Ron Kroll 
1 133 Carter Ave. 
Ml Pleasant. SC 29464 

67, 147 

Daigaku Kuwahara 

2-1 Hokkedoni. Hachiman-cho, 
Tokushimacily. Tokushima. 770 Japan 
94. 150 

Philip Shawn lackey 
3 Engel Dr. 
Greenville. SC 29609 
36, 40. 94. 147 

Michael A. Ladda 
305 Victoria Pk. Rd 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 
95. 100 

Brian Allen I .inilnii 

304 McCall Dr. 

Forest City. NC 28043 
9. 67 

Edward Keith Lance 

PO Box 911 
Rosman, NC 28772 

Elizabeth Anne Lance 

1332 N. Fairview Rd. 
Ellenwood, GA 30049 
13. 95, 158. 159 

Dannielle Elaine Landry 

309 Rosewood Driftwood MHP 
Burton. SC 29902 
2. 67, 139 

Eric Langhammer 

Box 1351 

Brevard. NC 28712 

Branlly Stephen Lanier 

Rt. 3, Box 123. S. New Hope Rd 

Gastonia, NC 28054 


Andrew Brian Lankford 

PO Box 315 
Ridgecresl, NC 28770 
95. 147 

Vivian Bethe Lasater 

1221 Oakwood Ave 
Gastonia. NC 28052 
67, 142 

Jane Ashlyn Lassiter 

2802 Asbury Terrace 
Greensboro. NC 27408 
13. 67, 139, 175, 185 

Anne Elizabeth Lauzon 

PO Box 677 

Shalloltc. NC 28459 
67, 140. 174 

Lawrence Lee Lawhorne 

7400 Whitaker Ct. 
Summcrricld. NC 27358 

George Owen Lawrence 
Rl I. Box 16 
Penrose. NC 28766 
95. 147 

Kimberly Anne Layman 
14113 Spruce Ave. 
Chester. VA 23831 
67. 138, 154 

Samantha Jane Leach 

I 100 Hampton Way 
Atlanta. GA 30324 

Richard Lindsay Lebo 
3471 Castleridge Dr. 
Tucker. GA 30084 
30. 46, 95. 132 

Kurt Lon Ledbetler 

124 Kelly Ln. 

Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 


Archie Lester LeCrone 

1037 Keystone Ct 
Charlotte. NC 28120 
42. 54, 95, 147 

James Chadwick Lentz 

195 Shamrock Trail Rd 
Lewisville. NC 27023 
9, 95 

John Charles Lilac 
2138 Weybridge Dr. 
Joncsboro, GA 30236 

Adam Matthew 1 illibridge 
2513 High Oaks Ln. 
Lutz, FL 33548 

Donna Jean Lindsay 
P O Box 429 
Elloree. SC 29047 
67, 167 

Frances Richmond Lineberger 

3810 Terrebonne Cove 
Charlotte. NC 28210 
18, 95. 153 

Brenda Gail Lisenbee 
Rl 4. Box 105-A 
Arden. NC 28704 
96. 143. 147 

Catherine Ann Lisk 

723 Wilmore St. NE 
Lenoir. NC 28645 
17, 96. 140, 142, 183 

Amy Elizabeth Lister 

501 Savona Ct. 

Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 

96, 166 

William Maurice Little 

200 Winsto St. 
Thomasville, NC 27360 
27, 54, 55, 96. 161 

John Wesley Long 
990 Churchill Dr. 
Gastonia, NC 28054 

Yvonne Elizabeth Longbottom 

1 105 Rovenwood Dr. 
Valrico. FL 33594 

Angela Hodges Lowery 
357>'i S. Broad Si. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

John McCilvrav Lucas 
PO Box 363 
Newell. NC 28126 

Stacey Charlene Luce 

4312 Quail Dr 
Beaufort. SC 29902 
68, 174 

John Robert Luka 

2030 NE 18th Dr 

N Miami Bch . FL 33179 


194 Index 

Dina Ann Macaluso 

1316 Woodhavcn 
Marietta. GA 300*7 

Robert Battle MacDonald 
19321 SE 19th Ave 
Mum.. Fl J3I79 

Bonnie I \nn MacFarlane 
^35 Belair Courl 
Naples. FL 33940 
3. 33. 68 

John-\nhur Warren Machate 
436 Cascade Lk. Rd 
Pisgah Forest. \C 28768 
14. 96 

Michael Otis Maeomber 
Rt I. Box 839 
Webster. FL 33597 
17. 138 

Scott Kenneth Madaus 
981 Piedmont St- SE 
Winter Haven. FL 33880 

Catherine Ann Magruder 
6266 Mountain Brook Wav 
Atlanta. GA 30328 
68. 141 

Stephen Ralph Maldari 
3 Malaga Dr. 
Trenton. NJ 08638 

Christopher Paul Mann 
135 Davenport Rd 
Ashevillc. NC 28806 
51, 68. 82. 147 

Joseph R. Manno 
Rt. I, Box 220- A 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Susan Carol Manno 
Rt. I. Box 220A 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Rodney Terence Marett 
105 Beech Tree Dr 
Black Mtn.. NC 28711 
68. 138. 161. 168 

Michelle Ann Martin 
Rt. 1. Box 147 
Ocoee. TN 37361 
96. 140. 143 

Linda Marie Martinez 
103. Romano Ave. 
Coral Gables. FL 33134 
12. 68. 142. 108 

Ronald Alexander Mashburn 
Rt 1. Box 164-M 
Arden. NC 28704 
19. 68. 141 

Katherine Eleanor Masses 
5700 Lansing Dr 
Charlotte. NC 28226 

Kaoru Matsumoto 

353-1 Nakazqwa. Godo-cho 
Ampachi-gun. Gifv 503-23 Japan 
68. 141. 146 

Craig Allen Mat 

107 Emerald Woods 
Indian Trail. NC 28079 

Rodnev H. Mav 
P.O. Box 1122 
Brevard. NC 28712 

David Eric Mays 

124 Cebon Ave 

Winston Salem. NC 27104 

79. 81. 83. 127. 132. 138. 139. 156. 164 

Thomas Edward McBride 

19 Gallimorc Rd 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Scott Michael M. t l. II... 
1140 Winding Creek Trail 
Atlanta. GA 30328 

Pamela \nn McComas 
P O Box 733 
Goulds. FL 33170 
29. 96 

Jeffrev Scon McCormick 
112 Fieldstone Ct. 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Judith Ann McDatid 
18 Caroline Ave. 
Uke Citv. FL 32055 

James Francis McDonnell 
6452 Fox Run Cir. S. 
Jupiter. FL 33458 

Donna Lea McElrov 
PO Box 1045 
Etowah. NC 28729 

Kimberlv Anne McGinnis 

6829 Branson Hill Rd. 
Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 


Phillip Gregorv McGirt 
709 Hilltop Dr. 
Lexington. NC 27292 

Greg Keith Mcintosh 

5252 Manhasset Ct. 
Dunwoodv. GA 30338 

Aim Len McKeehan 
8104 Bennington Dr. 
Knoxvillc. TN 37919 
97. 168 

Jennifer Kristin McKenna 

6129 Carriage House Ln. 
Charlotte. NC 28226 

Eugene Joseph McKinnev 
P O Box 2295 
Shallotte, NC 28459 

Jeffrev Todd McKinnev 

Rt 4. Box 348 
Hcndersonville. NC 28739 

Frederick Thomas McKinnon 
380 Weslev Ct. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
16. 48. 68 

Patricia Anne McQueen 
401 East 3rd Ave. 
Red Springs. NC 28377 
69. 167 

Kelvin McRae 
1015 E Doak 
Thomasville. NC 27360 

Kimberlv Dawn Medlin 
323 W\ Baldwin Rd. 
Panama Citv. FL 32405 
69. 141 

Betlv Marie Meece 
Rt 2. Box 733 
Brevard. Nc 28712 

Richard William Meek 
11524 SW 98 PI. 
Miami. FL 33176 
97. 132 

Karrie Renia Merck 
Rl. 12. Box 185 
Gainesville. GA 30506 
14. 69 

Melissa Sue Meyer 
610 Croom St. 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
69. 152 

Jason Ronald Miele 
2200 Coffeespol Blvd. NE 
St. Petersburg. FL 33704 
55. 97 

Selina Dawn Miller 
P O Box 253 
Claremonl. NC 28610 
69. 147 

Michael Shane Milling 
Rt. 5. Box 493 
Easlcv. SC 29640 
30. 97. 143 

Jon Taylor Milner 
6364 Robert E Lee 
Fairfield, OH 45014 
54. 69, 147 

Mike Yates Milton 
147 Uke Sega Rd. 
Brevard, NC 28712 

Joe Louis Mingo. Jr. 
1527 Kingston Dr. 
Kannapolis. NC 28081 
132. 133 

Victor Angelo Miriel 
336 Orange Wav 
W. Palm Beach.' FL 33405 
20. 150 

Scott McLean Moser 

10 McLean Rd 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Wendell Derrick Moss 
Rl 2. Box 335 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Denis Walter Moullon 
6510 Brvnwood Dr 
Charlotte. NC 28226 
9. 98. 166 

Alfredo Moya 

Calle 137- A Res Pcchincnda E 
Apt. 603. Valencia 2002 Venezuela 
69. 82. 108. 150. 167 

Gregory Lynn Mulkev 
117 Hazel Ct. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Karen Marie Mulligan 
455 Cove Dr. 
Marietta. GA 30067 
158. 165 

Thomas Redeman Mundt 
611 Mohawk Cl. 
Carmel. IN 46032 

Keiko Murai 

7-3 Nakatokura. Shimizu-cho 
Sunto-gun. Shizuoka, Japan 41 1 
98. 135. 146 

George Donaldson Murphy. Jr. 
341 Eighth St. NW 
Hickory. NC 28601 

Sheila Denise Murphv 
1617 Hobbs Rd 
Greensboro. NC 27410 

Todd Alan Murphv 
2100 Middle Ricer Dr. 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33305 

Gordon Timothy Murray 
Rt. 1. Box 3 

Brevard. NC 28712 
11. 125. 132. 133 


1 nomas William Misuraca 
1 59 Sunset Dr. 

Javne M 


Longwood. FL 32750 

Rt'. 1. Box 95- A 


Jasper. GA 30143 
13. 69. 138 

Jill Amy Moncrief 

81 1 Applegate Ct. 

Thelma Arlene Musick 

Gastonia. NC 28052 

117 Shink Trestle Rd 

69, 153 

Bristol. VA 24201 
98, 158 

Kathy Lvnnette Montgomerv 

Rt. 2', Box 510 

Permeco La-Shan Mvers 

Hillsville. VA 24343 

3215 Bronx Rd. 
Columbia. SC 29204 

David Hunt Moody 

70. 139 

418 Old Haw Cree'k Rd. 

Asheville. NC 28805 

Richard Henry Myers 

54. 147 

1119 Providence Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28207 

Lindberg Moody. II 


219 Bowser St. Box 10504 

Rock Hill. SC 29730 

41. 84. 97 


Amanda Gail Moore 


Rt. 1, Box 310 

Mill Spring. NC 28756 


Junko Nagaoka 

East-West Found. Inc. 

Mark Allen Moore 

Atlanta, G A 30319 

322 Knots Cir. 

48. 51. 70. 132. 139. 146 

Woodstock. GA 30188 


Deborah Lynn Nahikian 

Edwin Brian Moran 

2607 Travelere Palm Dr. 

3471 Emory Cir. 

Edgewater. FL 32032 

Chamblee. GA 30341 

98, 132, 141 

Index 195 

Emiko Naito 

4-30-6 Tanmachi Kanagawa-ku 

Yokohama Kanagawa, 22] Japan 

Cvrus B. Nasseri 

103 First Ave 
Richlands, VA 24641 
98. 147 

Susan Ashley Nassif 

227 Flemington Rd. 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Clav Morris Neal 
Rl. 1, Clirion Rd 
Columbus. TN 38401 

Carmen Sue Nelon 

P.O. Box 452 

Black Mtn.. NC 28711 

33, 70, 79. 82. 132, 133. 139, 162 

James Christopher Nelson 

P O Box 236 

Cave Springs. GA 30124 


kimberlv Jean Nelson 
1253 NW 86th Way 
Coral Springs. FL 33065 
98, 158. 159, 165 

Rvan Mark Nelson 
2859 Sarah Dr. 
Clearwater. FL 33519 
18. 70 

Timothy Michael Nelson 
2501 Lullington Dr. 
Winston Salem. NC 27104 
8. 98. 154 

Millicent Lexie Nes 

PO. Box 176 

Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 

Jeffrey Scott New 
Joree Ln. 

Brevard. NC 28712 

Douglas Henry Newberry 

2028 Pope Rd. 

Winston Salem, NC 27107 

13. 16, 42. 55. 70. 82, 108. 187 

Bernice Lin Nichols 
Center Road 
Woodstock. CT 06281 
29, 55, 70 

William Eric Nicholson 

2000 N. Meridian Rd. #321 
Tallahassee. FL 32303 

Vasuko Nishikawa 

1-6-23 Takashinohama 
Tekaishi Osaka 592. Japan 
70. 139. 146 

Theresa Renee Noel 

1200 Hwy 212 
Conyers. GA 30208 
31. 47. 98 

James Roger Norman 
771 Cashers Valley Rd. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

William Lane Norris 
Rl 6. Box 997 
Thomasvillc. NC 27360 

Richard Alan North 
2320 SW 50 Ave. 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33317 
29. 70. 141 

Lucinda Ann Notestine 
7240 Bee Ridge Rd. 
Sarasota. FL 33583 

David Christopher Novak 
1407 Highland Cir 
Blacksburg, VA 24060 
10. 99, 150 

George H. Nusloch 
56 Hemmelskamp 
Wilton, CT 06897 

Christopher Sean Nvcum 
102 Cardinal Rd. 
Brevard. NC 28712 


Anita Mae Oaklev 
Rt. 1, Box 187 

Rougemont. NC 27572 

Heather Wynne O'Bryan 

Rt. 6, Box 342 
Springfield, TN 37172 

Marci-Lynn O'Connor 

366 San Antonio Blvd Apt. A-l 

Norfold, VA 23505 


Hi roe Oda 

3273-5, Anbaya Maruyama-unachi 
Awa-gun, China 299-25 Japan 
99, 146 

Elizabeth Marie Oliver 

3531 Cullen Lake Shore Dr. 
Orlando. FL 32813 
99. 140 

Kimberlv Caprice Ormand 

Rt. 7. Box 329-A 
Laurinburg, NC 28352 
70. 79. 139, 140. 146 

Julie Ann Orrell 

2045 Adam St. 
Wilmington. NC 28401 

Amy Leigh Ostendorf 

2004 Eagleton Cir. 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
99. 162 

Thomas Fredrick Overstreet 

3217 Riddle Dr. 
Tallahassee. FL 32308 

Barbara Lynn Owen 

616 S. Madison 
Goldsboro. NC 27530 
99, 141. 142 

Jeffrey Carl Owen 

Rt I. Box 187 

Lake Toxaway. NC 28747 

Lamar Randall Owen 

Star Route, Box 620 
Rosman, NC 28772 

Gene Thomas Ownbev. Jr. 

Box 361 

Etowah, NC 28729 


Kristin Anne Pappas 
#6 Cascade Ct. 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
99, 153 

Day Margherite Parker 
369 Darien Way 
Marietta, GA 30064 
12, 71. 79, 138, 142 

Thomas Harold Parker 

841 Hutcheson Dr 
Blacksburg. VA 24060 

99. 141. 147 

Mark Todd Parks 

Rt. 2. Box 445 
Saluda, SC 29138 

100. 141. 147 

Israel Anthonv Patino 

270 NE 56 St. 

Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33334 

71. 150 

D'linda Patterson 

P.O. Box 118 

Lake Toxaway. NC 28747 

2. 135, 138, 139 

Leonardo Alfredo Pauca 

2874 Robinhood Rd. 
Winston Salem. NC 27106 
100. 141 

Nicholas John Paul 

2241 E. Green Hollow 
Palm Harbor. FL 33563 

Timothy Lee Paul 

2241 E. Greenhollow Dr 
Palm Harbor, FL 33563 

Robert Allen Pavne 
120 Hazel Ct. 
Brevard, NC 28712 

Mark Adam Penninger 

7930 Brown Rd 
Charlotte, NC 28213 
71, 138 

Kelly Lvnn Pepper 

Rt. 2, Box 356 
Chocowinity. NC 27817 

Francisco Luis Perez 

341 NE 58 Ct. 

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33334 

Iris V. Perez 

558 N 30 St. 
Miami, FL 33127 

Francisco Luiz Perez 

341 NE 58 Ct. 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334 


Julie Beth Perkins 

4117 Heniard Dr. 
Tallahassee. FL 32303 
71. 147 

Jamie-Jo Cathleen Perry 

9 Hadley Ct. 

Lake Worth. FL 33463 

Stephanie Benay Perry 
112 S. Holston St. 
Marion. VA 24354 
158, 165 

Christopher W iffin Peterson 
4820 Golfview Ct. 
Charlotte. NC 28212 

Lori Lee Peterson 

404A Thomas Ave. 
Northeast. MD 21901 
100. 132. 146 

Jennifer Lee Phillipoff 

9659 125th St. N. 
Seminole. FL 33542 
71. 132. 133. 139 

Janice Catherine Phillips 

715 Madison St. 
Tavares. FL 32778 
13. 16. 71 

Richard Michael Pittman 
Rt. 5, Box 860 
Marion. NC 28752 
71, 138 

Kimberlv Jean Plemmons 
PO Box 1236 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Tony Alvin Plemmons 

382 Toot Hollow Rd. 
Bryson City. NC 28712 
100. 160. 161 

W'endy Sue Polomis 
PO Box 1423 
Shallotte. NC 28459 

Nancy Del Poole 

4133 Beresford Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28211 


Jeffrev Warren Poprik 

411 Mirror Lake PI. 
Fayetleville. NC 28303 

Melissa May Porterfield 

520 Hudson Avenue 
Milford. OH 45150 

Melissa Ann Poston 
Rt. 1. Box 322 

Hemingway. SC 29554 

Martin Thomas Powers 

5300 Grant St. 
Hollywood. FL 33021 
27, 55. 161 

Anne-Marie Pressler 

826 Evangeline Ave 
Orlando, FL 32809 

Michael Jay Pressley 

3714 Conway Ave. 
Charlotte. NC 28209 
101. 147 

Kelly Michele Price 

807 Kemp Rd. W, 
Greensboro. NC 27410 
51, 101. 147 

Thomas Darby Pugh 

4046 Tertwood 
Orlando, FL 32806 
101, 156 

David Keith Puig 

P.O. Box 1092 

Marco Island. FL 33937 


Jeffrey Gilbert Punches 

3060 Nassau Dr. 
Vero Beach FL 32960 


Martin Lvnch Purser 

304 Valley Brook Dr 
Jamestown. NC 27282 
14. 101 

196 Index 

Lisa Lillian Raditz 
Rt 3. Box 159 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Rhonda Kay Ragland 
105 Hannah Ford Rd 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Cvnthia F.laine Raines 
PO Box 416 
Cordele. GA 31015 
13.46. 72. 132. 133. 138 

Sharnon Lynette Ramey 

411 Rice St. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Molly Gray Ran lings 
246 S. Hanover Ave. 
Lexington. KY 40502 
72. 83. 153 

Steven James Rees 

303 Live Oak Ln 
Harbor Bluffs. FL 33540 

Gregorv Scott Reese 
Rl I. Box 261 
Brevard. NC 28712 
72. 160. 161 

Steven Kent Reich 

5646 Bcneva Woods Cir 
Sarasota. FL 33583 

Richard Keith Reid 

Rl I. Box 90 

Balsam Grove. NC 28708 


Deirdrea Ann Reis 
Rl 4. Box 391 D. Chestnut Ave. 
New Windsor. NY 12550 
15. 42. 72 

Christopher Jameson Resnolds 

141 North Rd 

Lake Man. FL 32746 


Tracev Lee Rhodes 

334Vi'E. Main Si. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Paul Andrew Rhvne 

125 Highland Dr 
Amencus. GA 31709 
72. 147 

JefTery Odell Rice 
1 1 7 Oak St. 
Brevard. NC 28712 
42. 101 

Marv E. Rice 

Rt. 2. Box 277A 
Marshall. NC 28753 
101. 162. 179 

John Carlos Rider 
Rt I. Box 146 
Brevard. NC 28712 


Christopher Allen Riggin 
5207 Richardson Dr. 
Fairfax. VA 22032 


David Alan Robertson 

8 Dunlccr Ln 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 

Judith G. Robertson 

Rl 2 

Canton. NC 28716 

David Lee Robinson 
115 Oak Ln. 
Libcm. SC 29657 
72. 140. 141. 147 

Jessica Renee Robinson 
388 Cashiers Valley Rd 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Lisa Renee Robinson 
Rl 1. Box 142-B 
Cherokee. NC 29719 
41. 101 

Milisa Anne Robinson 
10235 Pilgrim Hill Tr. 
Cantonment. FL 32533 
102. 140. 141. 184 

Christopher Augustus Rodgers 
1 12 Charring Dr 
Columbia. SC 29203 
72. 132. 133. 140 

Julia Ann Rodgers 

7 Alpine Dr 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 

Jo Evelynn Rodriguez 
Ml. Gle'n Apts. 3-A 
Brevard. NC 28712 


Juan Ricardo Rodriguez 
14075 SW 80th St. 
Miami. FL 33183 
30. 42. 43. 51. 73. 147 

Rebecca M. Rogers 
Rl. 2. Box 624 
Brevard, NC 28712 

Sandra Marie Rogers 
621 SW 28th Ave. 
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33312 
102. 154 

Karen Marie Rolando 

22521 Labrusca 

Mission Viejo. CA 92692 


Charles Homer Rose, IV 
1592 Nantahala Blvd. 
Mt. Pleasanl. SC 29464 

Andrea Nicole Ross 

2225 Hunlingtowne Farms Ln. 

Charlotte, NC 28210 

102. 140. 142. 143. 200 

Lori Ann Ross 

165 NE 55th Ave. 
Ocala. FL 32671 


Mark Jeffrey Routh 

2508 Atlanta St. 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Adrienne Susanne Rowe 
5244 Afton Way 
Atlanta. GA 30080 

Charlie Clav Rowe, Jr. 
Rt I. Box 162-B 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Blaine Erickson Rowlee 

6003 Wagon Wheel Ct. 

Fayelleville. N< 28304 
10. 22. 102. 132. 140. 150 

Rebecca l-avne Russ 
104 Pale Moon Dr 
Pelzer. SC 29669 

Kathleen Mart Rvan 

6102 Manlev PI 
Springfield, V A 22152 
73. 185 

Andre Richardo Sanders 

1814 Knox Ave 
Sanford. FL 32771 
102. 150 

Martha Ernestine Sanders 

c/o Ridge Havne Conf. Clr. #565 

Rosman. NC 28772 

19. 102 

Joelle Kristin Sandsmark 

314 Toledo Way 
Naples. FL 33942 

x oshiko Sato 
5-10-3. Ajikidai Sakae-cho 
Inba-gun. Chiba. 270-15 Japan 
102. 135. 146 

Scott Arthur Sattenfield 
2100 Crestridge Rd 
Greensboro. NC 27403 
41. 147 

John Clinton Scarbrough 
508 Stewart Ave. 
Marietta. GA 30064 

Emily Elizabeth Scheviak 
15 Mountainbrook Rd. 
Asheville. NC 28805 

Donna Marie Schooling 

Rt. 1, Box 260-A 
Brevard. NC 28712 
73. 143 

Christopher Van Schryver 

1150 Gulfshore Blvd. ' 
Naples. FL 33940 

Hollv Joy Schukoske 
451 5' Highway 389 
Panama City. FL 32405 

Kathryn Lynne Scogin 
8 Country Ln. Rd 
Americus. GA 31709 

13. 16. 73. 80. 81. 83. 138. 139. 140. 200 

Kimberlv Carole Scott 
Rt 5. Box 3 
Tavlorsville. NC 28681 
73. 138 

Robert Bruce Scott 

Rt. 4, Box 275 
Hendersonville, NC 28739 

Susan Ruth Scott 

Rt. 4. Box 275 
Hendersonville, NC 28739 

John Albert Seagle 
Rt 6, Box 1094 
Hickory. NC 28601 

14. 41. 73. 147 

Stacey Lee Selph 

PO Box 97 

Zolfo Springs. FL 33890 


Brian Alan Sewell 
409 Ashford Dr 
Brandon. FL 33511 
103. 147 

Susan Kristen Seymour 
1321 Fairwav Dr. 
Elbcrton. GA 30635 

?3, 139. 162. 163 

Sonja Sue Sharp 

735 Gimbhoul 

Chapel Hill. NC 27513 


Bradley O'Neal Shaver 
345 Eastover 
Charlotte. NC 28207 

Linda Mae Shaw 
6 Blueberry Dr. 
Ashevillc. NC 28804 
31. 47. 103. 143 

Teresa F. Shaw 

710 Beach Trail 

Indian Rocks Beach. FL 33535 

14. 29, 73. 147 

Catherine Caroline Shearin 
300 Pendleton Rd 
Clemson. SC 29631 

Lori Ann Sheldt 

10864 Bridle Path Ln. 
Sharonville. OH 45241 
12, 46. 74. 80. 138. 139. 147 

Charles Vernon Shelf 

2421 Quail Lake Dr. 

Charlotte. NC 28210 

39. 41. 54. 74. 80. 82. 132. 133. 139. 14' 

Matthew Maus Shepherd 
Rt. I. Bay-Horse Farm 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Masayuki Shimizu 

1437-30 Koguki Minamisaitama-gun. 
Shuraoka-machi. Saitama 349-02 Japan 
54. 146 

Kellie Annette Shirlev 
9 Oak Leaf Ln. 
Arden. NC 28704 
48. 74. 82. 141. 147 

Rebecca Ann Shore 
40 Topez Dr. 
Merrill Island. FL 32952 
1 2. 54. 55. 74. 112 

Markus Siebmann 

105 Nichole Ln. 
Longwood. FL 32750 
10. 103. 150, 151 

Bari Michelle Siegall 
3110 NW 4th Ave. 
Pompano Beach. FL 33064 
17. 103. 140 

Carrie Marie Simmons 
1230 Royal Birkdale Cir. 
Rockledgc. FL 32955 

Mary Kathleen Simmons 

1230 Royal Barkdale Birkdale Cir. 
Rockledge. FL 32955 


Michele Denise Simpson 
PO Box 3037 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 

Grace Lynn Simril 

Index 197 

1415 Chalham Dr 
High Poinl. NC 27260 
74. 152. 153, 166 

John Lee Simril 
1415 Chalham Dr 
High Point, NC 27260 

Suzanne Michel Slade 
Box 26. Silver-leaf Dr. 

Hendcrsonvillc. NC 28739 

Jonathan Lewis Slate 
2719 Waleska Way 
East Point. OA 30344 
74. 141. 147 

Charles Alexander Sloop 
Rt. 9. Box 449. Pace Rd 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 


Antoinette Marie Smith 

314 Broadway St 
Lenoir. SC 28645 


Bradley Todd Smith 

4066 Chadds Crossing 
Marietta. GA 30062 

Jennifer Saint Clair Smith 
PO Box 1769 
Greenwood. SC 29646 
55. 103. 147 

Sylvia Lalita Smith 
PO Box 1062 
Brevard. NC 28712 
103. 132. 143 

Paul Douglas Snediker 
PO Box 2854 
Hendcrsonvillc. NC 28739 
132. 133 

Charles Jennings Snider. Jr. 

232 Cherokee Rd 
Charlotte. NC 28207 

Thomas Mills Snowden 
1292 Rose Rd 
Clearwater. FL 33519 

74. 179 

Lora Rae Sobotka 
P O Box 607 
San Antonio. FL 33576 
74. 132. 142 

Yong Chun Song 

2001 Albert Rd 
Carrollton. TX 75007 
20. 104. 146. 150. 151 

Darren Timothy Sowell 
Rt. 2. Box 454-B 
Heath Springs. SC 29058 

Diane Marie Specht 
Rt 5. Box 32B 
Crcstview. FL 32536 
74, 32536 
80. 104 

Jamie Lynn Specht 
Rt. 5, Box 32B 
( restview, FL 32536 
74. 132. 133 

Laura Lorraine Sproat 
2206 Cherokee Tr. 
Valnco, FL 33594 
104, 185 

Robert Bryan Sprouve 

129 Lake Sega Cir. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Evan Miner St. John 
204 Union St. E. 
Concord. NC 28025 
75. 139 

Erik Michael Steele 
2804 Mintwood Ct. 
Woodbridgc. VA 22192 
17. 104 

Elizabeth Bartee Steffen 
204 W. Rcdbud Dr. 

Knoxv^lle. TN 37920 

Ronald Wayne Stephens 

PO Box 366 

Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 


Pamela Diane Stephenson 

Rt 2. Box 208 

Brvson City. NC 28713 

30. 104 

Quinlen Carter Stevens 
989 Moorcs Mill Rd. 
Atlanta, GA 30327 

Julie Kay Stewart 

2734 Spring Dr 
Smyrna. GA 30080 

74, 139, 142, 147. 167 

Terri Darlene Stone 
#30 Tanglcwood MHP 
Swannanoa. NC 28778 

Toni Leigh Stone 

Tanglewood MHP #30 
Swannanoa, NC 75 

Scott Richard Stonefield 

213 Rosecommon 

Cary. NC 27511 

104. 108, 133. 140, 166 

Carol Marie Stoppelbein 
Rt I, Box 83 

Elkton, FL 32033 

Audra Meyer Stout 

4809 Higci Ave. 
Sarasota. FL 33582 

75, 139, 167 

Jackie Rando Strickland 
331 S. Guildford Cir. 
Florence. SC 29501 

Kirk Randolph Strickland 

1419 Towncs Rd 
Charlotte. NC 28209 

Samuel Clifford Strong 

248 Anita Dr. 

Winston Salem, NC 27104 

Gregory Scott Strowd 
Route I 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
33. 75. 80. 138. 167, 168 

Clark Carlisle Stuck 
1401 Arboretum Dr. 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Tami Lynn Supernaw 
228 Conway St 
Greenfield, MA 01301 

Angela Teresa Swiatkowski 

2471 SW 50th St 

Ft Lauderdale. FL 33312 
13. 75. 80. 154 

Robert Miller Sydnor. Jr. 
551 Ml. Hermoii Rd. 
Ashland. VA 23005 
104. 147 

Yuka Tachibana 

7-5-24 Sakuragaoka 
Scndai City. Japan 

Alvin Richard Talbert 

30 Ardmore St. 
Asheville, NC 28803 

Shannon Lenoir Talton 

426 Fernando St 

Durham. NC 27793 

104. 105. 126, 127, 132. 146. 147 

Mika Tamada 

East-West Found, Inc. 
Atlanta. GA 30319 
12. 75. 83. 138, 153 

John Patrick Tasch 

710 Roughbeard Rd. 
Winter Park, FL 32792 


Lisa Michelle Taylor 

142 Esther Dr. 

Cocoa Beach. FL 32931 


Tammy S. Taylor 

40 Meadowood Trail 
Deland. FL 32724 

Wendy Taylor 

17127'Thu'ndcr Rd 
Jupiter. FL 33458 
92. 105. 147 

Michael Wayne Teague 

215 Eastwood Pk 
Lenoir. NC 28645 

James Wade Teer 

2526-K Suffolk 

High Point. NC 27260 

48. 105 

Robin Wynn Thomas 

c/o Whitmorc 119 Ncely Rd 
Brevard, NC 28712 


Daniel Kent Thompson 

1 120 Rembrandt Cir 
Charlotte. NC 28211 

Joel Edward Thompson 

3206 Chcrrv Tree Ln. 
Prospect. KY 40059 

Julia Marie Thompson 

8037 Midnight Pass Rd 
Sarasota. FL 33581 

75. 181 

Ellis H. Thorp. Ill 

317 Decatur Rd 
McDonough. GA 30253 

Mary Robin Tipton 
2928 Abbey Ct. 
Winter Park. FL 32793 

Mari Tosaka 

East-West Found Inc 
Atlanta. GA 30319 
10, 75. 81. 139 

Frank Troutman 

3030 Bransford Rd. 
Augusta. GA 30909 
75, 138 

Lois J. Tsianiklides 

Rt. 3. Box 3I7A 
Forest City, NC 28043 

Steven Craig Tucker 
601 Hampton Ct. 
Marietta. GA 30064 

Lisa Marie Tudor 

10799 1 10th Lane N. 

Largo, FL 33544 


Michael Eric Turner 
Rt. I, Box 708 
Albcrnpmarlc. NC 28001 
38. 108 


David Lawrence I'hler 

120 Allison Rd. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Carla Kay Llbrich 

106 Highland Dr 

Clemson, SC 29631 

50. 54. 76. 80, 139. 147, 153 

[ .mi. ii. i Wylynn Valentine 
108 Gillespie' Dr 
Brevard. NC 28712 

Ann Elizabeth YanKampen 

928 Toxaway Ct. 
Hendcrsonvillc. NC 28739 

Paula June Y'asoll 

4436 Darventry Ct. 
Charlotte. NC 28226 
38. 76 

Chad D. Veen 

18 Knob Creek Rd 
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 

Miguel Lazaro Viadcro 

4028 MacDonough 
Orlando. FL 32809 
76. 108, 167 

Lori Jill Vogel 

1 1 2 Sharonview 
Ft. Mill. SC 29715 
38, 76. 138 

Necole Annette Vovles 
3325 Sequoia Rd. 
Orange Park. FL 32073 

Diana Maria Vuoso 
830 Pine Ct. 
Naples. FL 33940 

William Jerome W'alkowiak 

198 Index 

1701 Wcslbrook Ct. 
Gastonia, NC 28052 

Elizabeth Adele Wall 
Rl I, Box 529 
Pisgah Forest. NC 28768 
106. 47 

Suzanne Marie Wall 
3401 Fawn Trail 
Marietta. GA 30066 
46. 106 

\nneite Carmen Wallace 
1017 W Recess Rd. 
Hanahan. SC 29406 
9. 42. 43. 51. 55. 76 

William Todd Wallin 
204 Cedar Park Cir. 
Sarasou. FL 34242 

Ljwson Bradle) W alston. Jr. 
Rl. 2. Box 374 

Tarboro, NC 27886 
76. 143 

1715 Byron Planlalion Rd 
Albans, GA 31707 
12. 106 

katherine Lee W hilaker 

37 Rollingwood 
Ashcvillc. NC 28805 


Ruber! Cliflon W hilaker 
1612 Dixie Ln. 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 

Timolhs Eugene While 
Rl 2. Box 328-D 
Cedar Bluff. VA 24609 

kimberly Denise W hilmire 
Rl 3. Box I I A 

Brevard. NC 28712 


Van Carrol Whilmire 

114 While Oak Ln. 
Brevard. NC 28712 

29-B Roval American Cii 

Carlisle. PA 17013 


Melanie Anne W ilson 
65 Premiss Bridge Rd 
Franklin, NC 28734 

77. 80. 135. 139. 141. 147 

Nancs Samanlha Wilson 
527 West Oakland Ave. 
Sumlcr. SC 29150 
18. 107. 132 

Emors W instead 
794 Glade Creek Rd. 
Pisgah Foresl. NC 28768 

katherine Ann Wudtke 

P O Box 6473 

Vero Beach. FL 32961 


Theodore Christopher Wollslein 
Rl. II. Callicr Springs Rd 
Rome, GA 30161 
77. 139 

Pinellas Park. II ,3563 

Fric Vincent Zimmerman 

1817 Mcadowbcnd Dr 
Longwood. FL 32750 
10. 107. 150 

Jonathan Powell /immerm 
PO Box 1272 

Hickory, NC 28601 

John Richard Zinn 
8725 Kanner Hwj 
Indtantown. FL 33456 

John Thaddeus Walthall 

7605 Fleming Hills Dr 
Huntsville. AL 35802 
106, 156 

1. 1 mm, Walton 
1302 Piedmont Dr 
Apt. E-18 
Lenoir. NC 28645 
109. 162 

Christine Washburn 
Rl 4. Box 358-B 
Shelbs. NC 28150 
8, 76 

Walter Dasid Washington 
PO Box 668922 
Charlotte. NC 28266 

W inton Dattson Washington 
P.O. Box 668922 
Charlotte. NC 28266 

Angela ka> W atkins 
205 Pern's Chapel Rd 
Fletcher. NC 28732 
106. 147 

Joseph Evan Watson 

Box 421 

Rosman. NC 28772 

Darren Wesles Walls 

2181 Brookneal Dr 
Gastonia. NC 28054 
30. 106. 132 

Leslie Carole Webb 
P O Box 775 
Stanley. NC 28164 
106. 183 

James Mark Weeklex 
102 Oak Trail 
Belmont. NC 28012 

Dawn Reid Weideman 

PO Box 634 
Weaverville. NC 28787 

Stephen R. Wells 

6925 SW 72 Cl. 
Miami. FL 33143 
83. 141 

Brian Charles Westrater 
5004 Madison Cl. 
Charlottesville. VA 22901 
156. 164 

Dawn Waller Wetherbee 

Dana Lamonl W iggins 

1 1 3 Woodrow Si. 
Favettcville. NC 28303 

Mvranda Renee Wilcox 
131 Marvwood Dr. 
High Point. NC 27260 
76. 139 

John Thomas Wildrick 
4428 Ridgegale Dr 
Dululh. GA 30136 

William Grigsbv Wilkie 
1049 W. Conway Dr. 
Atlanta. GA 30327 
50. 107 

Margaret Edna Will 
PO Box 515 
Dallas. NC 28034 

Angela Renee Williams 

PO Box 824 
Marion. SC 28752 
139. 141 

Datid Cares Williams 

621-A Price Rd 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 
38, 77 

Heidi Denise Williams 

102 Foxwood Dr 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 
107. 143 

Lee-Anne Williams 

947 Montgomery Ave. 
Albemarle. NC 28001 

107. 147 

Maria Georgia Williams 

PO Box 278 

Horse Shoe. NC 28742 

54. 147 

Trent Lane Williams 

2452 Hyde Manor Dr. 
Atlanta. GA 30327 

108. 143 

James R. Willson 
Rl 3, Box 52E 
Brevard, NC 28712 

Amy Brook Wilson 

2122 Deepwood Cir. 
Harnsburg. NC 28075 

Leslie Anne W ilson 

Dean Michael Wood 
57 Dillingham Rd. 
Brevard. NC 2S712 

Martha Elizabeth Wood 
813 E. Cherrv Si 
Perrv. FL 32347 
15. 29. 77 

Sidnes Gro>er Wood 

P.O Box 842 

Pilot Mountain, NC 27041 

Wendy Gail Wood 

1620 S Ocean Blvd. 
Pompano Beach. FL 33062 
107. 141. 147 

Gars Ray Woods. Jr. 

2009 10th Si. Ln. NW 
Hickory. NC 28601 

Lionel Eugene Woods 

P.O Box 1204 

Si. Stephens. SC 29479 

Lesley Michele Wornom 

1520 Tomberlin Rd. 
Sanford. NC 27330 
107. 147 

Allison Margaret Wright 

803 Undcroak Dr 
Altamonte Springs. FL 32701 
107. 153 

Warren Burr A ardley 

5 Seneca Rd. 

Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33308 


Buddy Gabe Aoung 
Star Route Box 200 
Rosman, NC 28772 

Graydon Paul Aoung 

913 Brushwood 
Kannapolis, NC 28082 

keith Michael Aoung 

968 Blackwood Si. 
Altamonte Springs. FL 32701 
107. 150 

Joan Marie Aourkoski 

8909 59lh St. N. 

Index 199 


1985-86 Pertelote Staff 

Larry Edwards 
Kathy Scogin 
Joyce Jackson 
Jerry Gay 
Tae Eaton 
Jon Theede 

Kristen Antley 
•Charlie Blythe 
Ramona Carpio 
Bonnie Crawford 
Mendy Johnson 
Gene Keenum 
Ashiyn Lassitcr 
•Anne Lauzon 


Co- Editor 



Jostens Consultant 

In-plant Consultant 

Olan Mills Photographer 

Cathy Lisk 
•David Robinson 

Missy Robinson 

Chris Rogers 
•Andrea Ross 

Bari Siegall 
•Scott Stonefield 

Contributing Photographers Pope Bagwell. Anita Galloway, Julie Johnson. Norm Wilck. 

Laurent Augicr. Bill Browcr 

Coninbuling Ad Sales: Wayne Cook. Anna Galloway, Lisa Gardner 

Special Thanks lo. Dave Weimorc. Dan Rhett 

The 1 9tf(. edition of ihc Penclole was compiled by ihc Pcrielolc 
staff of Brevard College and was published by Brevard College 
The book was printed by Joslcn's Printing and Publishing Division 
in Clarksvillc, Tennessee The cover material is Buckram Linen 
(#4614). and the cover art is lithographed in Medium Blue 
(#185) The endshecis are Medium Blue (#313), the paper stock 
is Matte (#195). and the standard type is Times Roman (#45) 
The Press Run is KOO copies 

200 (losing